My Boys are fine but, life for me is truly the pits when the Boys aren’t feeling well. It’s the one time when I wish either they could speak or I could bark!

When Leo’s not at 100% he’ll look at you with those heart breaking eyes and try as he might, we just can’t seem to connect.

Nobody breaks your heart like Leo when he’s feeling low

Through trial and error I somehow manage to come within close proximity to the root of the problem, but when all else fails, off to the “Doodle Doc” we run…

Harley and his Doodle Doc

This love story is truly a medical mystery

Last week I read a blog post about a Mysterious Dog Illness Moving Through Ohio. It was written by a pet blogger I truly enjoy following…


I am not “too” terribly worried yet, perhaps because there is still quite a bit of distance between VA and Calif and Ohio.

But I am “concerned” enough to lean on the cautious side and keep up with the emails I receive regarding this deadly new “mystery” disease that has sickened and unfortunately killed several pups most recently.

Not sure where all our readers are located, so I thought – why not at least air on the side of caution and share what I’ve learned so more pet parents can be aware of what’s lurking out there.

Even though these seem to be isolated cases… “knowledge is still POWER.”

Here’s what I’ve read –

  • There have been confirmed cases in two states thus far.
  • The virus is not common in dogs, typically found in pigs.
  • Symptoms include vomiting, bloody diarrhea, weight loss, neurological problems, a lack of appetite and lethargy.
  • Left untreated, dogs can die within 48 hours.

I know these symptoms “mimic” a dozen other illnesses. That’s what makes this rather scary. Since there is no definitive link to where, when, or how – Harley, Leo & I will continue to doodle through each day as usual.

I will still monitor the best I can, because they rely on me to keep them healthy and safe…

I love every minute with my Boys

If all of this is catching you totally by surprise, don’t panic. Feel free to visit these sites for additional information:



Thanks fur reading, I’ll keep on writing…

  • Caren Gittleman
    September 10, 2013

    we saw Jen’s post too and that is some major scary stuff. Sure hoping that Leo is feeling better.

  • Cathy Bennett
    September 10, 2013

    Hey Dakota’s mom – I’m sorry, I just referenced when Leo is sick – he’s GREAT! Thanks for your concerns though.
    Yup it’s scary alright, but you know, I’m not going to allow it to change my/our routine. I’ll be more attentive to their behavior I’m sure, but for now it’s doodle life as usual.
    Thanks for reading.

  • Joanna
    September 11, 2013

    I love the layout to your website! So user friendly and pleasing to the eye! Excited to read all about Leo and Harley on here 🙂

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 17, 2013

      I am so happy to hear that! Thanks so much. Please subscribe to both the Doodle Daily and their quarterly magazine – Doodle*Licious, they’ll come right to your inbox!

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