Welcome to an online site where I hope you gain some knowledge, find a few answers to those pet parent questions and expand your sense of canine humor as you read all about the daily antics of Harley & Jaxson.

In 2012, when I decided to write and publish stories about these adorable fluffy creatures, I had no idea the extent of their popularity. Goldendoodles are lovingly addictive with their floppy ears, huge button noses and almost human like expressions and gestures. But they are also so misunderstood. Disliked for their popularity, made fun of because of their easy going care free nature and ridiculed for being a hybrid breed.

I am fascinated by their intelligence, their love for anything breathing and the manner in which they can anticipate a human emotional need at the precise moment.Perhas that is why they are both so successful working as Therapy Dogs at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Having my ‘Doods” around makes life for me just about as perfect as one could imagine and still be alive on earth.


These three categories pretty much sum up what this blog is all about. I want to share all that we do, know, learn and experience. To make it easier on “you” – I will do my best to keep everything organized so that you have fast access when searching for something specific. – Cathy

This breed requires regular grooming. They can mat quickly, so brushing is a must. The more you do it – the easier it becomes.

I share all my nutritional successes and failures when it comes to food. Now their diet is wholesome, healthy and filled with fresh fruits and veggies vs. commercial treats.

Zoomies in the park, trips to the beach or long walks around pet friendly Charleston is how we exercise.

“Whenever, Wherever, Whatever” we are doing, I guarantee you we will have an adventure!

With plenty of energy – the antics and adventures make writing so dog-gone easy.

Their love of the simple things in life teaches me of what’s truly important.

Product reviews allow us tell you what works and what doesn’t. We’re honest all-the-time!

Animal Assisted Therapy has evolved rapidly and is used in hospitals around the world. Harley is a super star with children in pre and post op and has been known to hang out in the infusion clinics.

Jaxson loves working with rehabilitation therapists and relieves staff from enormous stress.

Their ability to connect with strangers on a therapeutic level is mind blowing. They help change what’s possible in healthcare.

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