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Two things I never thought would go together – dogs and celery! But come to find out there are plenty of crunchy good reasons why they should. The Boys snack on lot's of good veggies for dogs, now we get to add celery to that list. BAD BREATH -  Bad breath brought me to my celery search. ...


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After witnessing Jaxson do something astonishing last month, I sat for hours searching dogs - humans and diabetes on the internet.  Did you know nearly 10 percent of this country’s population suffer from diabetes? #hadnoclue I, like probably so many others knew very little about diabetes until it entered our home. Then - out of the blue, on an ordinary afternoon ...


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Our hospital pet therapy re-entry has begun, but I haven’t brought the Boys back in and they are not happy Doods… Not even a ball excited him as I packed my bags for work My furlough ended late August and the department worked extremely hard to present a phased re-entry approach to upper management. The return of ...


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Knead Love Pet Treats are the long awaited answer to my non-baking skills… Surely you remember my attempts and many failures as I tried to be the June Cleaver of homemade pet treats... #thestrugglewassoreal #thedevilmademedothis Finally! The pawfect 100% natural and organic treat has come into my life! A treat that I can successfully bake in a ...

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