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2014 was the first time I participated in a pet blogger challenge. I skipped 2015, mainly because I believed not much changed from the previous year. 2016 I jumped back on the “challenge caravan” and as a "seasoned" blogger, I had a little more to say. It was not my intention to skip 2018 but renovations, a ...


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The phrase - “Pet Therapy Magic” has become one of my go-to comebacks whenever I witness Harley, Jaxson or any therapy dog assist a patient or family member in a way only a dog can… The story I am about to tell you falls in my “pet therapy magic” category and it’s about Harley. Because of HIPPA ...


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Puppie Love was one of my favorite gifts this Christmas.  No, not this kind of puppy love… This kind of Puppie Love… Let me explain. My family knows when it comes to events like "birthdays" and holiday's like "Christmas" I'm all about meaningful gifts. Ever since Harley, my - puppy mill purchase - entered into my life, I have ...

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