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I call it the great apple debate because of mixed reviews I've heard about dogs consuming the apple peel.. Like most pet parents I'm constantly seeking fresh, wholesome, natural and beneficial foods to feed the Boys. Both Harley and Jaxson are huge fans of fruits and veggies. Especially apples… CAN DOGS EAT APPLES? -  Yes, they can! ... Apples are a ...


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It’s time for a little healthy separation in our multi-doodle home… Harley and Jaxson do absoDOODLEtutely everything together! Which is not a bad thing, but the more I read the more I learn that it is “ok” for them to have independent time with me. I’ve been plagued with this for a few months. All these years ...


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Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) -  the pawfect pet therapy job for Jaxson… AAT is pet therapy involving and using animals as a form of treatment. It's another way to assist patients with different disabilities through their social, emotional or cognitive functions. THERAPY DOGS - are trained to provide affection and a sense of comfort to individuals in hospitals, ...

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