Between chats with guests and my co-host (pet-parent partner-in-crime) of “Girls with Dogs”, Kimberly Gauthier OR deep internet dives with my man Greg Google I find some pretty cool Doodle*tastic stuff from time to time that are truly beneficial for Jaxson.

Of course I write about them here in Doodleville, but I rarely tag them correctly for you to easily locate #Imaworkinprogress

Having a “one-stop-shop” page listing those favorite finds for –

  • health
  • grooming
  • apparrel
  • toys

– with links to product review posts and/or podcast interviews will make life much easier for you!





Big Daddy Gator is the King of the Swamp – and King of Playtime! His long body is slightly understuffed for maximum shaking and tugging fun. He may be fierce, but he makes a great pillow too.

Hop over to Canine Toy Tester for the rest of the story about this indestructible toy from Fluff and Tuff