Girls with Dogs was probably a Podcast in the making for several years unbeknownst to Kimberly of Keep the Tail Wagging and myself. You see we met almost a decade ago at a Pet Blogging Conference in Northern VA.

We were –

  • relatively new to pet blogging
  • fans of each other’s website

– so meeting in the physical checked both of our weekend bucket lists.

Our conversations are chats between friends who are crazy about our dogs – we share real concerns, honest opinions mixed with hilarious antidotes and hopefully and helpful so we decided to turn our phone moments into a podcast.

Listen to us on the regular – when you’re doing stuff! You know, walking the dog, driving to work – at work! – or cuddling with your pup in your favorite chair with your beverage of choice!

Visit my Contact page and share a comment on an episode of interest, or a topic you believe our listeners could relate to. Should you wish to be on our PodCast – let us know – we would love to explore that opportunity.


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