Girls with Dogs was probably a Podcast in the making for several years unbeknownst to Kimberly of Keep the Tail Wagging and myself. You see we met almost a decade ago at a Pet Blogging Conference in Northern VA.

We were –

  • relatively new to pet blogging
  • fans of each other’s website

– so meeting in the physical checked both of our weekend bucket lists.

Our conversations are chats between friends who are crazy about our dogs – we share real concerns, honest opinions mixed with hilarious antidotes and hopefully and helpful so we decided to turn our phone moments into a podcast.

PODCAST – Episode 7

  • How much of a dogs personality comes from their owner? And how much does the owner look for themselves in their dog?
  • Male or female pups – what’s your pleasure?
  • What goes into naming your dog? Do you wait until you meet?


PODCAST – Episode 6

  • The one and only James Jacobson Podcast host of Dog Edition – talked with us about the truths and myths behind men with dogs. Are they really chick magnets? Where’s all the dog dad swag? Spill the tea (or beer) on the human male and dog connection – emotionally. It’s all here and it’s good!


PODCAST – Episode 5

  • Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day – Sometimes the hardest part about losing a pet is the feeling that no one else understands. trust us – you are not alone.
  • Dog Sports – Are you doing any? Is it something you’ve been thinking about? Here’s our excuses…..
  • Doggie DayCare Drop Out – If they put your pup out of daycare, don’t feel bad, it’s happened to one of us.


PODCAST – Episode 4

  • Grooming Dogs – Do you? If so, how often, how much does it cost you and how did you select the right one?
  • Would you tell your boss you’re not coming in because the dog is sick? – Sounds silly, but would you feel comfy saying that?
  • Cross Breeds – What have these fluffy creatures done to be chastised and mocked so much?

PODCAST – Episode 3

  • Pet Parents vs. Dog Owners – Which one are you? How do you address yourself?
  • Adult Children (mine) Share their Comical Antidotes and Honest Feelings About the Boys in the Family…while we were on the subject about “pet parents” I thought it would be interesting if Kimberly interviewed my children (Tiffany and Lee III) about how they’ve felt the past twelve years with Doods living the good life in the house they once occupied. I was looking for humor and honesty from these two and trust – they didn’t disappoint!
  • Disaster Preparedness – is your emergency pet kit ready? – There are so many natural disasters occurring simultaneously – wild fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and life threatening floods in areas all over the world. If you had to leave in a moment’s notice, do you have a plan and the necessities you need?

Get more information on preparing for natural disasters:

PODCAST – Episode 2

  • Rewarding Bad Behavior by Mistake – I do this everyday with the mailman #ugh
  • Giving unsolicited advice on social media – are you that person who helps diagnose dogs on FB? Tell people “how to” practices when it comes to their dogs?
  • Is your dog ready for you to return to the work force after the Pandemic? – Are you ready to separate from your dog?

PODCAST – Episode 1

  • Keeping Dogs Cool in the Summer Kimberly lives out there in Washington State, while I reside in SC. We both have been dealing with “different” types of extreme heat this Summer – and we both are trying everything to keep our pups cool. Listen to how we try to deal with this sun.
  • Protecting Dogs from Fleas and TicksThe struggle with fleas and ticks for us is real, but for Kimberly it’s only seasonal. Between the two of us we share different methods to keep our dogs safe.
  • Raising Senior Dogs – The mere thought of our dogs in the Senior Club concerns us. Kimberly and I discuss the changes we are noticing and what we are doing to adjust accordingly.