Sometimes there’s media info that must be shared. If there is news worthy stuff out there, that I can help spread the word about to better equip ALL pet parents, heighten our awareness, and educate – I shall.


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NO - JAX IS NOT MISSING But if he was… …would I know what to do? This question haunted me after reading a heartbreaking story. A story about a missing Goldendoodle named Kramer… STORY SUMMARY - The pet parent (Nik Glaser) took a short trip, leaving Kramer with a friend. But something went wrong. The friend unexpectedly decided she was no longer able ...


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Today is Veteran's Day! A day to honor our Veteran's. America’s veteran’s are some of our nation’s bravest and hardest-working men and women. The Boys, Doodle Dad and I have decided to join the GreenLight a Vet™ campaign to show visible national support for our veterans by changing one light to green... GREEN is the color of - hope renewal well-being “Greenlight" is ...


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National #walkyourdogweek started yesterday! I was so excited to participate this year because I’m living in a new state with millions of miles of unexplored terrain to cover. But I never thought I would be walking a dog in a hurricane!… Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Behaviorist Colleen Paige founded Walk Your Dog Week… It was started as ...