Learn how Groovy they truly are


In 2012 when I decided to write and post stories about these adorable creatures I had no idea the extent of their popularity. Goldendoodles are infectious with their floppy ears, huge button noses and almost human like expressions and gestures. But they are also so misunderstood. Disliked for their popularity, made fun of because of their easy going care free nature and ridiculed for being a hybrid breed.

I am fascinated by their intelligence, love for anything breathing and the manner in which they can anticipate a human emotional need at the precise moment. Perhaps that is why they are both so successful working as Therapy Dogs at the Medical University of South Carolina.


Having my Boys around makes life for me just about as perfect as one could imagine and still be alive and on earth.

Therefore when I write, I hope to:

🐾Entertain – share their GOLDEN hugs and DOODLE kisses with Harley’s daily antics and Jaxson’s continual growth and development

🐾Educate – help to dispel the myths and stigma attached to the golden retriever/poodle blend

🐾Contribute – all that I discover and learn about training, discipline, nutrition and pet friendly places in Charleston SC

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• I’m probably the only person who lives in Charleston SC and doesn’t eat rice!

• Harley was named after my love of the Harley Davidson Motorcylce. #yesIride

• I’m very loud #saysmyhusband

• I hug you when I greet you

• I’m searching for an adult tap dancing class

• I struggle when forced to be around negative people

• I only drink water, coffee and red wine

• I laugh a lot

• I love watching old war movies with my husband. He makes them so interesting

• I’m deathly afraid of squirrels

Groovy Goldendoodles is the site that I go to when I need a pick me up.  Cathy, Harley, and Jax always brighten my day with the pictures, hashtags, and stories.  Harley and Jax always look amazing, which means that Cathy takes the best care of her boys, which inspires others to do the same. Keep up the #GroovyGoldenWork, Cathy!

(Kimberly Gauthier Dog Nutrition Blogger, Keep the Tail Wagging)

As a longtime blogger, content marketer and storytelling strategist, I have seen many a blogger come and go. Not Cathy Bennett. This woman entered my world with one passionate and simple focus: to share her life and love for her Goldendoodles with the world. Since then, Cathy has been steadfast in making her blogging mark in the pet blogging space. Over the years, she has blogged religiously about her loving adventures with her Goldendoodles amidst personal strife and challenge. Post after post, Cathy has continued to refine her storytelling, sharing everything from entertaining and embarrassing mishaps to deeply poignant memoirs and more. And as Cathy and her blog have grown, so has her audience and canine-loving readership. Today and many a post later, when Cathy hits the “Publish” button, thousands of hearts and minds get their “doodlelicious” fix, learning about a variety of pet-related topics along the way. If you want to work with someone whose love for all things dogs, Doodles and creativity knows no limits, then Cathy’s your man … or, err I mean to say then Cathy’s your blogger. 🙂

(Mayra Ruiz McPherson Sr. Digital Strategist, Social Media Marketer, Instagrammer, Brand Journalist & Upcoming Author)

As a friend and follower, I have been following the Groovy Goldendoodles blog for several years. I look forward to each post as they always deliver a fun, unique or informative message.  Cathy and her doodles bring much joy and happiness to the doodle community. Not only does she provide fun stories, she also gives personal product reviews, educates on health and wellness, including diseases that ail our beloved breed of dogs, and the need for rescue.  Cathy doesn’t stop at the blogging. She has been known to host Doodle Romps where locals can get together to meet and interact personally rather than through the internet. Her boys, Harley and Jaxson make guest appearances at different public and community events, bring smiles to all who are in their presence.  It has been incredible to watch her blog grow over the years. I can’t wait to see where it goes in the future!

(Kate Singleton, Assistant Rescue Manager for IDOG)


Q: Is there a story behind your logo?

A: Yes! I loved my first logo – I really did, but after Leo’s passing, I struggled with all the memories. I needed a new beginning because I wasn’t ready to give it up. God sent me an angel who knew and understood my passion and my pain. In one night, with take out shrimp fried rice, Groovy Goldendoodles was re-born.

Q: Why Goldendoodles?

A: I didn’t grow up with dogs in my life. In fact, before Harley, I would have been that person who wouldn’t visit you often because you had a dog. #thatsright I never spent time around them, therefore I was somewhat afraid of them. But the Goldendoodle stole my heart, so much so, I became obsessed with the breed. Knowing their gentle disposition I knew this was the dog for me/us. 


How I Spend My Time

The older I get - the easier it is for me to allow the rest of the world to worry while I just do what makes me happy. A Dark Roast, my Doodles, and the ability to be blessed to see another day will do it every time!



Loving Life in Charleston!