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He leaped into my arms at nine weeks old from a notorious puppy mill operation in Penn posing as a reputable breeder.

It was mid-January – 2009 when I brought him home. Small and sick with Giardia for months, he and I became joined at the hip (literally because I tether-trained him) and for the most part – thirteen years later we still are!

He was my ❤️ dog, the beginning of an adventure I could never have imagined. Because of Harley, I have this blog, my job as a therapy animal coordinator, and more magical moments than one human should have in a lifetime.

While serious yet playful, gentle, and patient, yet demanding – Harley ruled the house. He dictated everything and as crazy as it sounds we humans comply. It was Harley’s way -every day! Harley had enough on this side of the bridge at the seasoned age of 14.5. On July 3, 2023, he kissed my chin as he did the first time I saw him and took his last breath in my arms. I will see him again…

LEO – 

The “Dood” that started this blog!

When Harley reached the age of two, I wanted another Doodle in the house. More experienced in the art of selecting the correct breeder, I traveled to the Blacksburg mountains of Virginia to meet a rather large six month old.

He was the size of a small calf, with the same clumsiness and lanky legs. I called the house on my way home to let the family know Leo was in the back of the car.

Harley taught and trained him well, and in no time Leo was a giant at close to 100 lbs.

The fascination of these two birthed Groovy Goldendoodles. Leo left us at the tender age of four. It broke me, and while Harley saved my sanity, I have never been the same since.


I never knew Leo’s breeder followed our blog until she reached out to tell me she was happy to see my posts again and had a very special Dood she wanted me to meet.

It had been eight months since Leo left, I was still numb with grief, but curious to see this puppy.

I picked Jaxson up when he was nine weeks old, and for the last seven years, he’s made me laugh every single day! Jax is a character, sweet as a candy apple, goofy, comical, persistent, determined, and unapologetic when he’s not behaving!

Jaxson is truly entertaining and reveres Harley as his only master.

An excellent therapy animal with an extraordinary gift – he’s a great study of Harley and has become quite an asset with PT/OT and Stroke Rehab patients. As the only Groovy Goldendoodle in the house, he works 32 hours each week with me, with a work from home day every Wednesday.


  • still root for the Giants and the Yankees
  • named Harley after the Motorcycle
  • very loud #saysmyhusband
  • hug you when I greet you and leave you
  • want to join an adult tap dancing class
  • refuse to be around negative people
  • only drink water, coffee and red wine
  • laugh a lot – all the time – without notice
  • never eaten Guacamole
  • deathly afraid of squirrels


Q: Why Goldendoodles?

A: I didn’t grow up with dogs in my life. In fact, before Harley, I would have been that person who wouldn’t visit you often because you had a dog. #thatsright I never spent time around them, therefore I was somewhat afraid of them. But the Goldendoodle stole my heart, so much so, I became obsessed with the breed. Knowing their gentle disposition I knew this was the dog for me/us.

Q: Where can I rescue/adopt a Goldendoodle?

A: Reach out to the IDOG Rescue, Inc. This is a national not-for-profit 501(c)(3) foster-based rescue dedicated to the protection of Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. They have been operating since 2006, and have foster homes throughout the U.S. This would be my first place to offer a forever home to another Dood!

Q: Do you Breed Goldendoodles?

A: No, I do not. I regularly receive inquiries about a new litter. I am not a breeder. The next question that follows is my endorsement of quality breeders. That’s a tough one! In good conscience I can only recommend one – that would be the breeder of both Leo and Jaxson: Laurel Ridge Goldendoodles (Blacksburg, VA).

If I were to ever purchase another Goldendoodle (if a rescue was not available) I would do so locally here in Charleston SC with: Jenna Lee Designer Doodles

Q: Is there a story behind your logo?

A: Yes! I loved my first logo – I really did, but after Leo’s passing, I struggled with all the memories. I needed a new beginning because I wasn’t ready to give it up. God sent me an angel who knew and understood my passion and my pain. In one night, with take-out shrimp fried rice, Groovy Goldendoodles was re-born.

How I Spend My Time

The older I get - the easier it is for me to allow the rest of the world to worry while I just do what makes me happy. A Dark Roast, hanging with my Dood Jaxson, and the ability to be blessed to see another day will do it every time!


Working w/Jaxson

Loving Life in Charleston!