Wherever we go, there’s a handful of questions people ask dozens of times, “how do you keep them so clean?” is one of those questions. Don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly care for a “dirty dog”. As I researched the “doodle” breed, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that poodles do not have the plush double coat of many breeds, their fur is often referred to as “hair”, a term usually reserved for humans. This is why you will hear “they don’t shed”…. in a conversation about doodles.

When Harley first started doggie day camp, for socialization, he was going M-F. By the end of the week, his personal fragrance was more than I cared to be around, let alone bring home. Friday evenings we usually rode with the car windows down, despite inclement weather! Many dog owners are reluctant to bathe their dogs sometimes because of an old- wives tale regarding the adverse effects of doing so. I looked on the internet and then again at my growing library of “how to” canine books, and I started to cry (well almost) when I read statements like: “groom every 6-8 weeks.” or that some people claim their dogs should “never get bathed”…but these are the dogs you SMELL coming into the vet’s office BEFORE they even reach the door!

My boys play HARD. They can spot wet grass and dirt on a dry day. When I watch them on the PETCAM, they are almost always wrestling and romping around with their friends. I met with Fernando, (the “BOMB”  groomer of all times!) at the Olde Towne Pet Resort and asked him a gazillion questions, all centered around one…I wanted to know if Harley could have a bath every week. He reassured me this was possible, and explained bathing a dog does not have any ill effects unless you or the person giving the bath uses a strong chemical and does not follow directions OR is completely inexperienced. Was I relieved!

Now don’t get it twisted, there’s also a lot of daily grooming that must go one in between these baths. There’s brushing, conditioning, feet, eyes, and ears, but believe it or not, once they get accustomed to the regiment it takes all of 20-25 minutes each day. It’s been 9 months and even Leo has the routine down to a science.

My sister was visiting last week, and she was speechless when Leo stopped in the mud room and waited for me to grab his towel, and wipe off his wet feet. Kuddo’s to Fernando, Robbie, and the rest of the grooming staff not just what they do for the boys, but also for what they’ve taught me. This is their Friday look, fresh from the salon….


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