“Hello my name is Cathy, and I’m a bad Doodle Mom!”

That’s how I felt when Daniel the postman rang our doorbell holding a BarkBox for The Boys. The reason I felt so horrible was because I failed to open last month’s box…
When I brought February’s box downstairs, Harley looked at me as if he wanted to reprimand me for holding back.

I talk to The Boys entirely too much, because I actually responded (out-loud) and said “if you really are all that smart, how come you didn’t remind me the box was upstairs?”

Thank The Doodle, he didn’t respond!
Since there were two boxes, I decided to only cut away the tape and watch them each try to open one…
It didn’t take Harley very long at all. Leo followed suit and both boxes were opened within minutes…
A “treasure trove” it was. Confetti all over the place…
Leo gathered what he wanted and guarded his stash quickly…
While Harley was busy with something else…
…which I later found out was nothing more than the doggone paper wrapper from one of the toys…
I’d have to say Leo’s “numero uno” was the FETCH N FLOSS from Anything to chew, is a “love fest” with him.

This poor little stuffed fabric mouse got “de-tailed” in less than 5 minutes – wouldn’t recommend that one for a professional chewer. Based on Leo’s track record for consuming foreign objects (read CSI – HELP), “Mousey” went out with the “Boxy”
The big hit for both came from This “Perfect Peanut Butter Cookie” smelled really delicious. I was tempted (yes I was) to taste a piece – but I refrained. The Boys loved them…
Much to my delight – Bark Box had something for me – YEAH!!!

A coupon from When it comes to purchasing pet products their mantra is: “you sit – we fetch” which intrigued me, so I looked further. Their prices for products “I use”, were a few dollars cheaper than what I usually pay – so I stepped out of “my box” and placed an order. No shipping fee for orders over $49.00, delivery to your door in two days, and I used the $10.00 coupon provided!

If I never do it again, I can at least scratch from my list of DMD (doodle mom do’s) my scheduled trip to the pet store for pet food and Greenies this weekend.

Since I got something special this week, let me give you something special…

If you like “at home” inexpensive projects, then this link is for you:


  • We’ll try #30 as soon as DH finishes his Honey Nut Cherrios
  • #28 would land Harley in a coma if Leo swung it around and hit Harley in the head – I’ll pass on that one!
  • We’ve done #23
  • I like #6, but I’ve got to get them their own muffin pan first!

Drop us a line and let us know which ones you choose.

Well I’ll be doodled! Look who has the nerve to be bored…
Thanks for reading, and be kind to someone today or tomorrow, it won’t hurt, we promise!…

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