The story I’m about to tell you may seem a bit “concocted” but I assure you this is:

  • The truth
  • The whole truth, and
  • Nothing but the TRUTH!!!!!

Harley is really a very special doodle…
DH was out of town last week, and this past Wednesday he brought the suitcases out again to depart on Thursday. Harley is not a fan of suitcases. He seems to somewhat comprehend that clothes go inside, and unless he can nap in one…
…he has little use or appreciation for them (unless he sees “his” travel bag come out too!).

When Harley was younger he would have a tendency to either shut down, or get slightly ill when we started moving about with overnight bags. For this reason, when I travel without them (which is rare), I make sure to take them to Olde Towne Pet Resort BEFORE I touch, look, or pack a bag. This system works beautifully because they always have fun at OTPR!

Since DH was traveling alone, I never dreamed his trip could turn into a recipe for disaster.

Thursday morning was as normal as could be – an early morning walk, breakfast, nothing unusual. It rained on us a little and they were both sporting the “a la natural” look…
My girlfriend invited me to lunch, and said she’d pick me up at 1pm. DH was trying to get on the road at approximately the same time, and he was taking my car.

When I left, I did what I always do – I ruffled The Boys heads, told them to be good, and said – “be back soon.” I then jumped into my friends car for a little girl talk, laughter, and my favorite -a fresh Caesar Salad with a little shrimp on the side – yum.

As she drove away from the house I could see them settling into their usual spot to “chill” for a few as they always do. It was a very normal day…
So I thought!

It only takes a few minutes to turn your whole world upside down, and midday Thursday, ours flew off its axis. I kid you not! As I swallowed my last forkful of salad, DH calls…

“Cathy, your dogs are something else (notice they’re my dogs during this conversation). I don’t know who it was but someone went downstairs in the office and pooped on the rug.”

“Lee, please tell me your kidding? I took them both out before I left with Yvonne. They both peed and pooped, and everything was normal.”

“Well that’s not all – Harley just threw up on the floor upstairs. What is going on?”

“I don’t know Lee, I’m not there, but I’m on my way.”

Just a side note, why is it that all mothers believe that whenever anything happens, we are incapable of allowing someone else to work it out?

When I got home, everything seemed fine, Harley was smiling (which he has been known to do)…
And Leo was moving about collecting toys…
I put on my “Poop P.I.” cap and immediately sought out the culprit – it was Harley. During the major “clean-up” Harley gave me the bathroom signal. When he returned, I checked his “bottom” and discovered bright red blood!

You would have been proud of me, I didn’t freak out! I remained calm and composed. I finished cleaning rugs and floors, and “doodle derrieres”, while assuring DH all would be fine as I ushered him out the front door so he could be on his way. I thanked my friend for lunch, and the use of her industrial strength shampooer, and decided to donate the rest of the day to “The Boys.”

Harley had another bloody stool episode (outside) and threw up one more time (inside). I gave him something to stop the loose stool, and elected to skip dinner to allow his stomach time to settle down.

I couldn’t help but wonder why this sudden behavioral paradigm? We’ve left them before, I mean – we do have a life and we do leave them alone. So why was this so different?

If I stayed still Harley would stay still so I got comfortable in my recliner and Harley got cozy in what he believes to be his when DH is away…
The mysterious chain of events revealed itself when DH called from the road to check on Harley:

“Hey, how’s he doing?”

“He’s resting, seems to be fine, keeping real close – just one step behind every one of mine that’s all.”

“Yeah, he was like that when I came back.”

“Came back from where?”

“The car wash!”

“When did you go to the car wash?”

“While you were at lunch with Yvonne.”

Instantly the entire event played in my mind like a B rated movie…

I left, then Lee put suitcases in MY car – the official “doodle mobile!” He then walked out, locked the door (naturally) and “poof” he was gone! Harley had to be beside himself because he never got the briefing.

The thought of this extremely intuitive animal trying to process what was going on and where he might fit into the equation literally made tears flood my eyes. He had to be terrified, not knowing.

In that short period of time while I was away, coupled with DH’s unusual behavior and the whole car thing, had to trigger bizarre reactions on Harleys part. Primarily because neither DH nor I knew just how instinctive our furry little bundle of love could possibly be…

I can only imagine what went through Harleys head:

  • I was gone
  • DH had packed up the “doodle mobile” and not taken them along
  • The doors were closed and locked
  • No one else was home


Extreme panic must have started to “sprout roots” as he waited for a sign that someone was coming back…
It had to be this degree of confusion that ignited the fuse in the stomach area as he tried to process how we could have “left him”, the one who loves to ride in the car…
photo 5
I immediately shared this hypothesis with DH and all he could seem to whisper was a sincere “wow.” He said he never thought about it: my car, the suitcases, and then an empty house. I realize I said Harley was smart but he’s no genius. There is no way he could know we’d never treat them like “Macaulay Culkin” and leave them “home alone!”

I am sure this is what “jetted” his fears into orbit and caused the mess that it did. For the rest of the afternoon and into the evening we cuddled and snuggled. In fact we’ve been together (inseparable actually) all weekend!

Chicken and boiled spaghetti noodles for breakfast and dinner, a car ride or two, along with an extra dose of doodle TLC has brought him and his tummy right back to regular…
DH is home now – and all is right in our little land of “dooodleville”
Thanks so much for reading, cause I really like writing…

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