I have an older brother – actually he’s the oldest, and he lives approx. 9 hours south of me. When I heard his VM Sunday evening, I looked at Harley and said: Guess who’s coming to dinner?…


This is the look I get when we’re having a conversation

His birth name is “Harold” but for as long as I can remember, I’ve always called him “Wonda Bubba.” Yes there is a reason: he is – without a doubt, my mom’s favorite!!!! He is the only son, and the oldest, and in her eyes he can do no wrong!

“Look – up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s WONDA-BUBBA”


The Super Hero of our family. Do you have one?

He arrived on Monday with the intent to stay the week and spend time with our mother…


There’s nothing like a mother’s love

But when he would return to the house – he was all about The Boys!

He’d play with Leo & “Wilson”


Could probably throw better without the camera in the other hand – just saying…

and allowed Harley to be his “road-dog”


Harley & Harold “riding dirty”

But the comedy show was Wonda-Bubba, The Boys and this month’s BarkBox


He was here when it arrived, so I thought it would be fun for him to open it up with them. I had no idea I was going to enjoy watching as much as I did.

You see you have to have talent to maneuver scissors and the box with two noses always in your way…


They REFUSE to move out of the way

Usually Leo let’s Harley get “first pick” from the box, but this month there was something of particular interest to him and he was determined to get to it before Harley-Darley.

It was a pogo plush – no stuffing squeaker from petsafe. He really wanted to play with it, but my brother really wanted to remove the tag. This took an indescribably long time with Leo “all up in his face”


It took my brother so long, Leo had to sit down and learn patience…


“Okay, I’ll back up and sit down while you work this thing out” – Leo

Once the toy was safe for “doodle -play” it was time for Harley’s choice. He selected cheesy, wheat-free, preservative-free goodness in Bocces Bakery “Truffles Mac & Cheese” snacks. And yes, it took furever for him to get one too…


“Could you go a little faster…please?” – Harley

But he waited with doodle manners, for Harold to open the bag, and then he gobbled it down. Leo wasn’t interested, he was content playing with his new toy…


Finally – everybody’s happy

My mom was elated to see him, she sang to him, talked to him, and even gave him kisses. I guess he’s still her favorite (tee-hee). She’s not the only one who feels that way, we all do!

Especially Leo, he ruvs his “Wonda-Uncle”...


The new “Timmy & Lassie”

He leaves on Friday, but we know he’’ll be back soon.

We’ll make sure to let you know when he returns, thanks for reading…


  • Kathy
    November 22, 2013

    Happy Thanksgiving Guys from sexie Ivory and handsome Bosco. We can’t wait to eat our turkey dinner. The desert is our favorite. We just LOVE the pumpkin pie. Have fun with your Wonda Uncle. Our Uncle is spending Thanksgiving with us too. He love him cuz he likes to give us treats all the time.

  • Cathy Bennett
    November 22, 2013

    Hi Kathy – Wonda Bubba left this morning, but the Boys will have lot’s of other relatives and good furrends around for Thanksgiving, so they will not be lonely at all.
    Don’t let Ivory eat too much pumpkin pie and lose that girlish figure over the holiday weekend.
    Take care and thanks so much for reading

  • Jen@MyBrownNewfies
    November 23, 2013

    How fun that you got an extra special visitor! Sounds like you all spent some quality time together:)

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 11, 2013

      We did, it was a lot of fun Jen. Thanks so much for reading

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