OMD (oh my doodle) this weekend was a weather nightmare for me! As my mother used to say back in the day when we lived in New York: “Jack Frost came this way last night.”

Up until this weekend, I had been “bamboozled” by this incredible weather. Clear skies, bright sunny days with a mild to moderate breeze every now and then. “Sweater weather” the retailers called it. So when Mr. Jack Frost decided to “pounce” upon us, it caught me quite by surprise.

Saturday afternoon DH got out the ole lawnmower and took a few laps around the backyard. Since the trees were finally completely bare, he decided to go around one last time and remove the remnants of the last of the leaves. Evidently the gusty winds, and dipping barometer brought him inside before he was able to finish…


Perhaps that last section by the tree was left for me…

I played with Leo and “Wilson” as long as I could but my fingers weren’t cooperating too well once they got cold. Harley and I left Leo outside playing “peek-a-doodle” behind a tree…


Like the puzzles in the magazine: Can you find the doodle?

Finally he decided to come in for water and a biscuit treat, and then fell asleep by the fireplace. As the wind howled from under the garage door, I settled comfortably on the sofa with Harley, catching up on some much needed reading. I laughed out loud when I came across this sign. I told DH we should have one made and hang it outside…


This so describes us here in “Doodleville”

Our furrend Mayra the “Doodle Wizard” stopped by. She wanted to see the notecards we’re almost ready to launch on the website in the next few days. Can’t wait for you to see them…


I’m so excited about their card collection

As if Friday evening and Saturday’s temperatures were a fluke, Sunday was doodlediculous. On my morning walk I was so cold I thought I would cry. It was 22 degrees!

DH, Harley and Leo, tried to be greeters at the 7:45am Worship Service, but it was just too cold, Brrrrrr…


Mr. Frost was serious about his business

Two cups of coffee later, I’m back by the fireplace and I come across this cute little quiz, based on an unofficial version of the Myers-Briggs test (compliments of Buzzfeed animals).


I’ve taken these many times before and it’s always the same – but I thought, why not take one as if I were Harley and Leo? I did one as myself first, and I’m still the same ENTJ

I got quite a chuckle pretending to be Harley (hey, don’t judge, I’m not going back outside today, so I’m into indoor fun!), and then Leo. Surprisingly their animals matched up pretty close.

Not sure what your weather is like where you live, but if you want a good laugh, do one (or all three) of the following:

  • Take the test for yourself
  • Take it on behalf of your pet and see how close you can match to their personality
  • See if you can guess which animal and personality trait goes best with Harley and Leo using the photo guide provided below…

Match them up to one animal from column A

I’ve already told you what animal I am. Can you guess which is which for Harley & Leo? Read the descriptions located in the article.

Shoot us back (via the comment box) which one you chose.

First correct answer wins a box of ICE PUPS a gift from our furrends at The Honest Kitchen.

I’ve used this item before in the summer as a frozen treat, but you can also use it as a warm broth on a cold winter day (like today)!

DISCLAIMER: I wanted to let you know I am not being compensated in any way by The Honest Kitchen. They offered a free box to our readers, and I thought some pup out there just might enjoy it as much as my boys do. 

Thanks for reading and try to stay warm out there…


  • Ruckus the Eskie
    November 25, 2013

    I had a hard time looking for the peek-a-doodle in your image above

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 11, 2013

      Hey, Ruckus, Oh nooooooo… did you find him though?
      Thanks so much for reading.