The bond between dogs and children is utterly amazing! It will captivate and almost hypnotize you when you see it happening.

I must confess though, I never paid “close” attention to the interactions until Harley & Leo entered my life. Now I am consistently fascinated with the unspoken language between the two.

You may recall THE LITTLE RASCALS, a story posted about our neighbors moving away…


This was a sad day for the neighborhood

This was not only an adjustment period for the other neighborhood children, but for my Boys as well. Two little (two legged) boys, ages 5 & 8 were no longer around. No joke – Leo and “Wilson” took it the hardest.

I had hoped in time memories of them would gradually fade and he would happily settle for “me” throwing the ball and chasing him around the backyard.

But as fate would have it, I do not have to add that to my job description!

New neighbor sightings started about a week ago. DH made initial contact. Men love talking trash (as in truck pick-up schedules), lawns, fertilizer, and weed killers! Over the course of the day we met his wife, his mom, and a few other relatives who stopped by to see the new home and wish them well.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard them say they had two boys 6 & 9 years of age.

Appropriate or not, I had to ask, I just had to:

“Do they like dogs?”

The father said he really wasn’t sure. They never really interacted with dogs, and he wasn’t sure how they would react around “big dogs.” This wasn’t sounding too positive to me.

I thought:


DH immediately went into his “infomercial”, explaining:

  • both dogs are very good with kids
  • they’ve never shown aggressive tendencies
  • they play “exceptionally” well with all the other children in the neighborhood.

Oh, he covered it all, he even described their personalities:

  • Harley is the one that loves attention and is a bit of a jumper
  • Leo’s rather shy in the beginning.

He went on an on. At one point I wondered if he was trying to close a sale!

However the father remained reserved and expressionless.

So now it’s the weekend. A typical September Saturday on our block. Sounds of children playing, lawn mowers roaring, and my two occasionally barking for additional attention – filled the air.

I eventually came out to capture some photos and was pleasantly surprised to see the “new kids on the block” outside too.

What I saw warmed my heart. I saw the magic.

I watched in awe at:

  • the way Harley sensed their hesitation so he didn’t jump (at least not at first), he remained calm upon their approach.
  • as Leo scurried backwards on his belly to allow this child to come closer to “Wilson.” It was as if he was saying, “it’s ok, you can throw it to me, I’ll move back and give you some room.”
  • how dogs and children bond.

Later that afternoon while on the computer, a comment came across the screen from anipal and reader “Sheila” (doodle mom to Finley). SIDE NOTE: I ruv when readers comment on my stories “hint-hint”, because it’s such a cool way for me to talk with new furrends.

Although Sheila’s initial comment referred to a recent post WILSON & LEO BANISHED TOGETHER, it was her second paragraph that made me smile…


Here in Doodleville, we love “comments”

Someone else wanted to know what I had just found out. So Sheila – this one’s for you….

When I came outside, this is what I saw…


Looks like a club meeting doesn’t it?

Everyone under the tree…


The incredible bond between dogs and children

like old times…


A language of their very own

I had fun teasing their “father” about his earlier statement as his boys took my boys…


“Hey Mom – someone’s here to see you?”

…to meet their “mom”


“Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Harley”

In one afternoon the new “rascals” felt so comfortable with Harley & Leo, it made pawfect sense to take them in the backyard to see what they were made of. It was “ball playing time”...


Leo waits patiently until he’s comfortable taking “Wilson”


On your mark, get set…




This is called the “wind-up” pitch

Our Gang is back in business…


The Boys have been blessed again with “groovy” (pun intended) neighbors

Thanks fur reading, I’ll keep on writing…

  • Yvonne
    September 16, 2013

    Wow the boys are back in the neighborhood with new friends. Glad to hear they’ve bridged the gap of how Leo & Harley can bring kids to know not all dogs are to be feared. They only bring out love in all humans no matter what there ages our You Go Boys!!! And thanks Cathy for the wonderful stories of how Leo&Harley touch the lives of all that come to meet and know them by your stories and great pictures of them enter acting with everyone they meet.

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 16, 2013

      Thank you Yvonne for reading and being a fan of the Boys!

  • laverne bennett
    September 16, 2013

    I’m glad to know that the boys have made new friends in their neighborhood.This is the beginning of a new chapter. Keep your readers informed.

    • Cathy Bennett
      September 16, 2013

      I will certainly keep all who read informed Laverne. Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting!

  • Jen@MyBrownNewfies
    September 17, 2013

    That is so great that everyone took to each other so well! Your boys sound a lot like mine. Leroy is way more outgoing and likes to jump, where Sherman is so much more reserved!

  • Tiffany
    September 17, 2013

    Glad the boys made new friends.

  • Cathy Bennett
    September 17, 2013

    Jen – I too believe your two and my two have very similar personalities. Would be great if we were closer, they could come over for a little romp in the backyard. Who knows Leroy and Leo could chase rabbits and balls, while Sherman and Harley chilled under the tree – HA! Get the visual?
    Thanks for reading…

  • Cathy Bennett
    September 17, 2013

    Cant’ wait for you to see them all in action Tiffany.

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