“Bad pet parent, bad pet parent” that’s what I kept telling myself. Last week I did the unthinkable – I pawposely hid Doodle Bugs precious blue box for an entire week. My intentions were good, I thought it would be great if he had a PetBox Christmas…




Harley was not appreciative of my holiday surprise plan. He’s big on schedules. He believes in routines.

He will:

  • run to the front door BEFORE the mailman comes
  • stand at the treat counter within minutes of his scheduled daily dental chew hour

I believe he knew that box came days ago because Christmas evening when we brought it out, he looked anything but excited to see it…



He was all about the business of getting into the box to make sure everything was okay…


It was hilarious to watch as Chaz tried to get him to loosen up, he just glared at her…


My Doodle had lost his Doodle humor.

So without further ado – let’s get into the contents of December’s PetBox.

We’ve never owned a BALLBOY FLINGBALL TENNIS BALL DOG TOY before. #thatsamouthfull I’m looking forward to it once the weather gets better. Recycled tennis balls that are great for dog tugging, chasing and fetching. Harley’s always been a tugger, and the tennis ball is the pawfect fit for his mouth…



I haven’t been able to play with the SPOT DURA-BRITE TREAT BALL yet. That’s on our agenda this weekend. Treat balls are always a hit in Doodleville, primarily because I am able to use his kibble. I eliminate the extra calories of sweet treats and he still has a blast waiting for them to fall out. This one intrigued me when I read there was an “internal maze” which makes the treats come out slower. I’ll keep you posted on that…



Having a PUPPY ON BOARD sign was one of those things I always wanted but couldn’t justify buying. Now, thanks to PetBox I don’t have to!…


In our house, if it says OLD MOTHER HUBBARD Harley immediately thinks “it’s got to be good!” These Jingle Jangle P-Nuttier crunchy snacks in holiday shapes taste of peanut butter and molasses…


So it’s no surprise they were the ones he went after…


There was a bit of a mystery “gift” in this months box. BOL

PawGanics is a familiar company to us. What products we’ve used, have been fantastic. I was excited to share information with you, when I received a spray bottle of toy cleaner. We have a lot of toys and cleaning them is a must – so something natural – non-toxic – fragrance free would be a great addition to our toy collection. Here’s the mystery – they do not show it on their website 🙁 So I can’t tell you anything, because I don’t know nothing!

Last but certainly not least – LIL BRUSH BONES dental chews from Merrick. All natural, grain-free and gluten-free, it cleans teeth and freshens breath. They come in various sizes AND right now they’re offering online and in store discounts for the chews, as well as kitchen bites, jerky chip treats, and power bites…


Trust me when I tell you – I’ve learned my lesson…


If you’d like some PETBOX fun brought to your door, use the code GROOVY for an extra 10% discount.

As always, thank you so very much for sharing me with all your friends!

  • Emma
    December 27, 2014

    i got those Jingle Jangles, they are good, an Merrick never disappoints! Enjoy, and try to forget about you mom’s poorly thought out trick of hiding your box. It is the holiday season, a time for forgiveness.

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 28, 2014

      Emma, Harley begs for those jingle jangle treats almost every day! Don’t worry, I will never withhold his box again – I pawmise!

  • Jan K
    December 28, 2014

    Don’t tell Harley, but our crew got their BarkBox a couple of days before Christmas! One toy was a huge hit, and they’re still playing with it (which means destroying it around here) more than the ones I got them for Christmas!
    I have to confess that I’ve been guilty of leaving the BarkBox sitting on the kitchen counter for a few days before opening it though! Or opening it and then not giving them anything from it right off!

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 28, 2014

      Yep – I know, I was so wrong! Won’t do that again 🙁

  • Sand Spring Chesapeakes
    December 28, 2014

    Looks like a great pet box.

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 28, 2014

      I never get tired opening each month every month. We find so real gems in there – and what we can’t use we share.

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