Lee and I are active members of Ebenezer Baptist Church. We attend regularly, and to the boys, the word “church” seems to have its own meaning like the commands “sit” or “stay.” They act as if they comprehend this to be one of a few places totally off limits to them – once a week.

Our Sunday morning routine is unlike any other day of the week, so perhaps that’s what helps them differentiate from a weekday. By the time I’m ready to head down the stairs and out the door, they both remain at the top of the landing as if to say “we know, we know – you’re going to church and we can’t go.”

One Sunday (when Harley was still a puppy), after service, I checked my phone and noticed I had received a text message. Since Lee was “chatting it up” over in a corner (he’s such a social doodle dad) – I decided to read my message. Tiffany, whom remained at home, sent me this comical video. Before you listen I must tell you the picture is bad. The silhouette, which you may be able to see is Harley, but it’s the voice I want you to pay particular attention to…


Can you visualize, the attention I drew towards myself when I busted out laughing, with no one standing near me?

This year on Father’s Day, my morning started out as it does every Sunday, until I reached the car. As usual, Lee exits the house before me, as I put on my heels, grab my purse and steal a glance from the powder room mirror.

I tip toed down the driveway to the car (no woman “runs” in heels), and FROZE when I touched the car door handle. I couldn’t believe what I saw in the back seat…






With the door open, I looked at my husband and asked him where were we going? His response was simply “church.” Slowly I got in the car, pointed to the backseat and asked, “where are THEY going?”, again he replied “church”, as he proceeded to back out of the driveway.

Lee must have decided somewhere between getting dressed and going to the car, that he wanted to be a “greeter” this particular morning and the boys were going to assist. Greeters at our church take turns standing outside the Sanctuary welcoming everyone as they park and approach the building.

The “doodle” boys are no strangers to most of the congregation because twice they’ve attended “Sunrise Service” on Easter Sunday (it’s an outside service), and they’ve been in attendance for a few other “outdoor” events usually held on a Saturday. But NEVER have they been on church property on a Sunday morning!

I insisted they drop me off at the front door – I wanted no part of this, and I went inside, but here are some pictures of what took place outside….

We were slightly early so the boys and Lee had to wait for someone to come along so they could test their “greeting” skills…














Evidently this lady decided to spend some time with Harley before going in…














They took a break during the service…














By the time the service ended, Sam (our official greeter) decided to hang out with Harley…
























The children got quite a kick out of seeing them…










Babies just LOVE to grab Harley’s cheeks…













Everyone was pleasantly surprised to see them, and they seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

Lee and the boys taught me a valuable lesson that morning – just because something is “different” doesn’t always make it wrong – it’s just “different!”

And who would have “thunk-it” – the very next day (Monday) in “the” Washington Post Newspaper, Lee read an article: Canine Companions Get Church Blessing… that took place when?… Father’s Day Sunday!!!

Perhaps Lee, the boys and I will make it to DC next year for the “Canine Blessing”, or perhaps we can persuade our own church into hosting one…

I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading!

  • Pastor CA Lundy
    June 21, 2012

    As Pastor of this giving and growing church, our vision is “putting the family back together.” With that in mind, I’ve discovered that pets are family too. Therefore, ALL family members are welcome to attend the Ebenezer Baptist Church, if “house broken” or in this case “church broken.” I can be persuaded to conduct a “Canine Blessing,” but pet “baptism” is out of the question. Stay blessed — Pastor!

  • Dee
    June 22, 2012

    One member of the Church says Amen!

  • Candace Noel
    June 25, 2012

    This was great! Two thumbs up for being different!! 🙂

  • Jo Reid
    July 4, 2012

    They should become honorary outside ushers! Cuties ^_^

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