If every command worked as well as “sit” – what a wonderful world this would be! Puppies must be “wired” in some form or fashion right before birth to understand and obey the word “sit.” Think about it, just about every dog ever born knows to put his backside down on the floor when he hears that word.

It’s the command that makes us all feel like “Dr. Doolittle.” I remember when Harley first “sat” down for me. I  was so excited – think I opened a bottle of wine to celebrate!










This single yet enormous accomplishment has it’s way of seducing you into thinking you can conquer the impossible. You believe you have the gift to train, you can teach him anything – fetch, catch, play dead, you name it, the dogs world is now your oyster….

For my household, some of the above mentioned tricks work “most” of the time. Harley prefers to master the more complex tasks like those puzzles which hide the treat or taking the top off of the plastic water bottle and holding it up to get the last drop out (really!). He could care less about running after a ball in a fenced yard…. If you throw it he will look at you as if he wants to ask “why run after  it – where’s it going?”

Leo, on the other hand, is my rough and tough – let’s get dirty – little dude, he’s all about the running, jumping, diving, sliding into stuff kind of doodle. The more you throw it, the harder he runs after it. The more you run with it, the higher he leaps for it (and you)!

With all the patience I can muster – I am still training them to remain on our property – without a leash –  when they are outside with us. I really think that’s the coolest thing. To have a dog understand where his boundaries are, no matter how tempted.

Our winter lasted about eleven days (no joke) and then we zoomed straight into spring, so Lee and I have been working on this for a few months now. We have been out in the front of the house dozens of times and even on a beautiful Saturday, with the neighbors working on their lawns, kids riding bikes, joggers, etc… their behavior has rivaled television’s perfect dog – “Lassie.”

“Hot dog” (as my Nana used to say) I think they got it!

Well, the other day, the stars of that great prison movie “Shawshank Redemption” were out on the “yard” and decided when the warden (our daughter) wasn’t looking they would make a run for freedom.

Notice her silhouette as she stares at the “break out” path of which Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman took…

































Afraid that they wouldn’t return ( they have it too good not to, if you ask me!) she got her posse together (John) and started a search party.

Please enjoy the video of their capture (turn your volume up for the wardens dialog)

Back behind bars, they will finish their sentence….

























Log back on Thursday for: IS IT GOOD OR IS IT BAD? THE THINGS THEY EAT… (PART 2)

Thanks again for reading!

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