Saturday, March 23rd was “National Puppy Day” – and the beginning of “National Puppy Week!”
Why, you might ask, do we celebrate “puppies?”

Because we should celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives.
But more importantly, (according to Animal Behaviorist and Author Colleen Paige, who founded National Puppy Day in 2006) “it’s a day to help save orphaned puppies across the globe and educate the public about the horrors of puppy mills, as well as further our mission for a nation of puppy-free pet stores.”

Last month I blogged about Harley’s “Puppy Mill” ordeal, our sleepless nights in the “pup-firmary” and the months it took for us to nurse him back to health (read I THINK I WANT A PUPPY). I wish that on going nightmare on no-one… EVER!

Although he was cute as a doodle could be, he was still one sick puppy..
Our family is truly blessed for he came back strong and has been thriving ever since…
After months of researching and reading, I gained knowledge and a little “attitude” when interviewing potential breeders. I learned what questions to ask, what to look for, what to spot, and what to see through, as I began my search for our second addition.

He may have been tall, lanky and as uncoordinated as a new born calf, but Leo was healthy, well cared for, and loved, by his breeders his first six months of life…
So if you’re looking for a puppy, I want you to  know there are “oodles and doodles” of websites available to assist, educate, and navigate you through the process of selecting  the “right puppy for you.”

Perhaps you might want to ADOPT instead of SHOP:
“There are approximately 8,000-10,000 puppy mills in the U.S. and this would include many businesses that call themselves breeders such as “backyard breeders, people who purposely allow their dog to get pregnant in hopes of selling puppies through their local paper or online…”


  • Make sure it’s the right breed and size for your family.
  • Will your children be safe, and will the puppy be safe from the children? (it happens!).
  • What about exercise, quality time, nutrition, the dreaded potty training – UGH!, etc…

And if you have a beloved furry friend, check out all the ways you can CELEBRATE NATIONAL PUPPY WEEK – there are 50 to choose from (some are pretty nice).

I’ll be the first to tell you – puppies are like an Almond Joy candy bar – they are “indescribably delicious!” When they grow up they can be even better. Our two boys are a double dose of priceless. Albeit they can really test me at times,  I can’t imagine coming through the door and not having them there to greet me. It’s virtually impossible sometimes for me to remember what life was like CIRCA BD (before doodles).

Even though “technically speaking” I no longer have “puppies” around, they are still “my” babies so I’m sure we’ll do something special this week. Whether you have a dog of your own, or if you’re thinking of taking the puppy plunge, read some of these links provided in this publication. “Knowledge is power” and you just might be that person who makes a difference in a puppy’s life.

Even though Harley will be 5 years old this November (OMD – I cannot believe that!), to us he’s still a puppy, and I believe he thinks the same thing…
Hug your puppy sometime today and tell them it’s a little “doodle love” from “The Boys!”

Thanks for reading, and be kind to someone today, it might change their life…

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