Labor Day weekend, was filled with mixed emotions. My DH and I were invited to share in a birthday surprise for a dear friend living in upstate New York, however, the hotel selected for out of town guests did not allow pets. Both DC (doodle children) had their own holiday plans, so it looked like the boys were off to their hotel – Olde Towne Pet Resort!

Based on their “vacation report” (yes they have one) it seems they had a great time, so how about I let THEM tell you ALL about it?

LEO and HARLEY – tell your story”…

“Okay Harley, let me go first! Before Mom left us on Saturday, the new person Gail, came over to say hello. I like her! She gets down on all fours and hangs out on our level. She never gets in my face, sort of lets me warm up to her when I’m ready. She’s my kind of human.”














“Yeah, she’s cool. I heard her talking about our accommodations. They were moving us to a room with a view! That’s why I hung out on the couch for a while once we got upstairs. They were fixing up our new space.”










“I don’t remember?”
“Of course not, you took a nap!”
“You even slept through treat time!”
Harley & Leo 9.2 (2)

“I was so happy to get to our room and rest a bit before dinner.”



“Yeah, well while you rested, I checked out this gorgeous lab-mix coming into the Resort. She was a long legged chocolate beauty!”


“Loved The Dog Whisperer marathon that came on after dinner. It was sweet of them to let us watch it? Do you think Mom is going to try and get us to run with her while she skates like the man Caesar?”









“Don’t know, but what was with that yapping collie on the other episode?”









“Is it me, or do the weekend campers act a little wilder then the week day campers?”































“You noticed that too? At least the staff is the same! JC is my favorite”











“I love it when they come to get you for a bath?”
“You do?”
“YUP!, that means it’s time for us to go home!























“If they want to impress me, then let them find a new way to dry me off, I don’t particularily care for the noise that hose thing makes.”
























“But isn’t he very gentle?”























“Yes, and I try to let him know how much I appreciate him, but I still don’t like it.”














“I love the massage thing.”
























“Massage? don’t be such a Doodle – that’s called brushing.”
“What ever it is, I can’t get enough of it – it feels so good.”














“Walks, meals, treats, camp, and cuddle time with the staff – it’s all good, but my tail wags the most when Mom comes and we head home.
























“I know that’s right, got doodles of love for OTPR – it’s truly our home AWAY from home. But you know what they say…”






















“Ain’t nothing like it!”

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  • Tiffany
    September 6, 2012

    I love all the pictures!

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