LEO: “So Harley, as far as dad’s go, I think we did alright”
HARLEY: “Alright? we hit the jackpot! How many dad’s do you know who will take us places? This man takes us EVERYWHERE! As far back as I can remember, he’s been letting me ride shotgun with him…”























LEO: “True that – Do you remember when I first met you all, and he took us over to that commuter lot where the church was having a clothing drive?”

HARLEY: “Do I ever… Before you got to the house he was telling EVERYBODY you were gonna join our family so naturally once you got here he wanted to show you off. But do YOU remember your first trip to SC, and when we got downtown he found out you were afraid of crowds?”

LEO: “It’s not that I was afraid of crowds, I was a puppy, and I wasn’t used to a lot of people – you always say I was scared of stuff, Mom told you before – it’s called an adjustment period…”
HARLEY: “Whatever! I will say this – you were much better in the store.”
































HARLEY: “For as long as I can remember (a whopping 3.75 years), Dad has always had so much energy. He took me out in the snow once, before you arrived. It was so cold, but I had such a great time.”

LEO: “Well you can have the stores, and the human crowds – for me I love it when we’re together in the back yard with the ball. Now that’s what I call a GREAT TIME!”


























LEO: “But listen, have you noticed lately that he’s finally gotten better managing both leases?”
































HARLEY: “Yup, I used to be terrified – a few times I thought he was gonna choke one of us…”
LEO: “ME TOO! it gave me nightmares. But I love it when he takes us on a walk – they are SO incredibly long, because our dad talks to EVERYBODY.”

HARLEY: “I know right? But then there are times when he’s A-OK with just us. I remember when we stopped by this cook-out, and I wasn’t allowed in the house, it was real hot but he sat outside with me. He is so thoughtful and kind, we bonded that day, had some deep conversations…”













LEO: “Yeah, and he’s really calm. He never yells, or gets angry when we get sick, he just calls for mom and then tells us it’s ok. Mom did great picking him out also!”
HARLEY: “Uh-Huh, she knows it too, that’s why she’s on that open fire thing down there, cooking dinner while he sits an talks to the human siblings. This is the day we make it all about him (so I’ve heard), and let him know how much we love and appreciate all that he does for us.”
LEO: “I’m down for that because he deserves it. Did we do the gift thing?”
HARLEY: “Do you have money?”
LEO: “Nope, so I guess we just bark out a meaningful salutation, and behave ourselves for the rest of the day.”
HARLEY: “You’re catching on Bro, you’re catching on…”
HARLEY & LEO: “Bark, Bark, Bark (translation) we love you – Enjoy your day

Thanks so much for reading….

  • Chas
    June 18, 2012

    This is soooo darn cute! How special!?!! I love the baby photo if Harley. He WAS a small thang.
    These boys have a super daddy! I
    Enjoyed the read.

  • Tiffany.
    June 18, 2012

    Extrodionary blog. Nice way to pay tribute to dads.

  • Candace Noel
    June 18, 2012

    Great tribute! 🙂

  • Claudette Pope
    June 18, 2012

    That was one of the Best Father’s Day tributes that I’ve ever read. Right on Harley and Leo

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