I have dogs. They have toys…


The only reason it looks like this is because I put the toys in there

I really want to commit this winter to training my dogs to pick up their toys! Over the years I’ve heard many pet parents agonize about training their dogs to pick up their toys. It is ridiculously frustrating AND painful – especially in the dark when your barefoot – ouch!

As smart as my dogs may act, as soon as I start this exercise, they seem to “dummy up” – on purpose. After about 20 minutes, I grab the toys, hurl them into their proper place and move on to the next task. I think they both know I’m going to do it for them, so there is no effort on their part to assist.

We have two “bins” in our house for all their toys. They are both tucked away in areas where the obvious eye won’t really see them.

There’s one in the family room off from the kitchen. It sits on the floor between the sofa arm and a etagere…


I thought this would be the pawfect place

The other bin is in our sunroom adjacent to the bedroom…


Another “gem” of a location for all their belongings

When Harley’s finished playing, he actually lays “in” all the chaos and “nothing” I do will motivate him to pick up one stinking item…


Harley has no intention of putting this stuff back

If I get on my hands and knees to try and demonstrate what I want them to do, Leo just stares at me like I’m crazy…


Poor thing thinks we’re about to play another game

I have the same dilemma upstairs. Leo digs through the bin with a particular item in mind…


What he wants ALWAYS seems to be on the bottom

Discarding what he doesn’t want all over the room like he’s accessorizing…


It’s amazing DH or I haven’t seriously injured ourselves

I got inspired the other day, and started searching the internet for training material. I found a training video on YouTube that seemed to match my patience and talent limits. The instructor used an active dog who already knew how to “fetch.” I immediately thought – “AH-HA!” Leo can fetch, I will start with him…


If he can catch Wilson flying through the air, surely he can put a toy in a box!

The instructor (Dr. Sophia Yin) used a fancy treat dispenser in her video. I’m not buying it. I shall mimic her technique but I’m going to use my hand, and a clicker, and hope I yield the same result. Just not sure when – 2013 – 2014 – 2015?

Of course I’ll keep you posted on our progress. No need to show you a “before” video. It would just be me video taping a bunch of dog toys laying around the floor.

When I see progress, I’ll grab the camera and yell ACTION.

But check her out, maybe this might motivate you during your winter months.

Thanks for reading, gotta go find my clicker, but I’ll be back on Wednesday – I pawmise..


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