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I know first hand the powerful presence a dog can bring to those suffering with medical issues. It’s something I witness everyday…

Harley loves the little patients – and they love him…

We can probably all agree there’s something “magical” about a dog. Movies, video’s, even photos of dogs can generate a smile or a giggle from almost every and anybody. Dogs transcend race, religious affiliation, political beliefs and age. #thatspowerful

They are the pawfect antidote in just about every setting.


Not quite sure when the “sharing is caring” slogan started, but for this post – it is so fitting.

As the pet therapy coordinator for a huge hospital, I receive many requests. The majority of them will be for patient visitation and/or canine assistance. The dogs are called for a variety of procedures. 

At the end of each day, before shutting off my computer, I purposely check my email one last time. On this day, I never expected a request like this –

Good Morning Cathy,

My name is Becca Wassel, a nurse in the Peds Procedure Area at MUSC. We love seeing all your furry friends come visit our kiddos! Have you read the below news story?

I thought it could be so sweet if Emma was able to get a note or some of the picture cards from our therapy dogs!



I sat back in my chair and opened the link. 


A 7 year-old girl named Emma requested for dog owners around the word to send her loving messages from their pups. abcnews

And she’s receiving responses by the thousands…

Photo Courtesy Geoff Mertens

Diagnosed with an aggressive tumor in Jan, she’s undergoing radiation. The one thing that brings Emma joy is seeing dogs…

Photo Courtesy Geoff Mertens

I read her story, watched the video and wondered how to get involved,.

Our Therapy Dog teams have trading cards and all the patients love to collect them…

I have no doubt if I send an email to the other therapy teams, they will rise to the occasion and send a trading card and/or photo (along with a little note) to Emma.

That’s the type of humans they are #thebest


They call it a “light bulb” moment for a reason, because all of a sudden (out of nowhere) you have a revelation. And this was mine –

Reach out to pet bloggers, pet blogging readers, and social media pet enthusiasts. Share this story with our online pet community – ask everyone to share, send a card and create a smile!

A small gesture on my part that would mean so much more to the recipient – just tugs at me to participate. The Boys and I plan to mail our letter, along with their pet therapy trading cards and a photo this week…

Photo Courtesy Geoff Mertens

If your dog would like to send Emma a letter kindly write here: Emma Mertens P.O. Box 230 Hartland, WI 53029

Harley, Jaxson, and I say “thank you” in advance if after reading this post, time will allow you to send a letter and create a smile.

And if you can, please share this story on your social media page. Let’s see if we can help send a letter to create a smile.

No act of kindness – no matter how small – is ever wasted ❤️

  • Madison
    March 3, 2019

    We mailed Emma a pawtographedcopy of our Emma’s book. I think she will like it.

  • JoAnn Stancer
    March 4, 2019

    I sent her a letter too and photos of the fugitives! Bless that little girl!!!

  • Monika, Sam & Elsa
    March 5, 2019

    What a touching story. Love your ‘trading cards.’ Rest assured we’ll happily contribute to a smile for little Emma and her family.

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