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I have a question for you: Does your world ever seem to get crazier by the minute? Do you feel sometimes that you’re going so fast and you can’t seem to stop? I’m asking because in May, I attended a three day Pet Blogging Conference called “Blog Paws”

Doodle Mom and Leo at Blog Paws 2013

It was extraordinary! So many pupatunities to learn from dozens of prolific bloggers. I moved about the entire time with my jaw dangling open in awe of more than 600 people – all talking my language: blogs, dogs, social media, podcasts, search engine optimization, the FTC, “oh my.”  DH even brought The Boys up for Saturday’s “Yappy Hour”…

The Boys joined Doodle Mom for Yappy Hour at Blog Paws 2013

Since then, I’ve been like a human runaway train. Remember the movie “Unstoppable”

…when Denzel Washington and Chris Pine tried for over 120 minutes to stop a runaway train? That’s me! Moving around at lightening speed, constantly thinking about what I learned, what I saw, what I heard at the conference, and what to do next! At one point DH told me “to write about the boys I would have to spend time with them” – ouch!

It became so hard to focus, I literally wanted to jump off (the speeding train that is). I kept looking for my sign. When this months Bark Box arrived, I saw it and I yelled “Doodles – take me away” and in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, I abandoned my desk, flopped on the floor, and played with my boys. This was the best pupscription ever!…

Doodle Mom plays with her boys

This month’s box was heavy on the “treat” side – which is right up Harley’s alley…

Harley found his treat

He latched onto “Green Juice” by Bocces Bakery and didn’t want to let go. An all natural treat made from spinach, kale, apple, spirulina, flax seeds and mint. These wheat-free biscuits are also vegan friendly and Harley LOVES them! Leo wasn’t that interested, although he ate it. Harley, on the other hand, can’t get enough of them.

Leo did fall head over heels for a “Orbee-Tuff Eggplant” toy. made by Planet Dog..

Leo and his Tuff Toy from Planet Dog

USA made, non-toxic, recyclable with a puperful minty smell that had him trying to stuff his entire nose in the hole for more!

The chew bones and the all natural beef treats went to a furrend named “Carter”

Carter Woodson

Carter and his pet parents are anipals and when we have entirely too much “stuff” – we love to share!

My train was finally slowing down and I could feel my ole self coming back. Wanting more, I joined them outside – I was getting a handle again, on the art of “hanging out.” “Wilson” was an orphan to the garage that day while Leo played with a different ball….

And Harley waited by the phone as if he was expecting a call…

Harley waiting for a call

It was a good day. I had learned something valuable, and it wasn’t at a conference. The Boys (along with the tool – Bark Box) re-trained me (HA!) on how to relax. How to enjoy all the simple and beautiful things around you. How to watch…


…the Magnolias bloom…


Sometimes we all probably need to remember to apply the brakes…

Have a purposeful weekend, and I’ll keep writing…


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    June 26, 2013

    You know I love your blog!!!

    • Cathy Bennett
      June 27, 2013

      Thank you so much for following The Boys!

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