Look at you!

Saw that title “True Confessions” and thought “hummmm” what on earth happened in “Doodleville?”

Curiousity got the best of you so you stopped what you were doing, clicked “read more”, and here you are.

Can’t say I blame you! I would have done the same thing.

Even though I didn’t cancel the NFL package, wreck the car or accidentally throw away a telephone number DH is “still” looking for, this story should make you chuckle and wonder if my marriage can survive this heinous act of deceit.


The Boys have a furrend named “Biscuit”...


She may be getting up there in years, but she’s still a pup at heart

Biscuit celebrated her 16th birthday….


Biscuit you wear it well girl-furrend

Celebrating 16 years with a pet is a milestone that must be recognized. So Biscuits family did just that – complete with homemade birthday cookies.

Maybe because of her age or the fact that her birthday occurred in the middle of the week, the pawty was private and at home. A few days later her pet parent stopped by the house and brought Harley and Leo some birthday cookies. They looked doodle*licious…


Absolutely PAWdorable

Harley is our resident “treat junkie.” Anything you hand feed him, he associates it as a “treat.” I can give him sliced apples, green beans, or even dry food by hand, and he’s thrilled. He ruved the birthday cookie…


Can a doodle have a sweet tooth?

Biscuits Mom is as conscientious as I am when it comes to feeding our four legged family members, so I really didn’t listen intently to the cookie ingredients. I do remember certain buzz words like “peanut butter” and “yogurt icing.” 

Leo can be a little more reserved when it comes to eating things from your hand, but he wasn’t hesitant at all when offered a piece of birthday cookie…

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 11.58.39 PM

These cookies must be good if Leo is eating a piece

I thanked her for such a kind and thoughtful gesture. She told me the baggie of cookies were for them, and that I should freeze them and take out what I needed when I wanted.

Well, here’s the biggie – I NEVER placed the cookies in the freezer. I NEVER moved them from the kitchen counter. I NEVER told DH what they were. I went to bed.

The following morning, I came be-bopping into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for The Boys and coffee for myself, and then …

transitioning mistakes

I’m sure this is how I looked

…I saw it, the baggie of cookies. THERE WAS ONE MISSING


They kind of look like oatmeal cookies with icing don’t they?

The Boys are very talented, however I don’t think they can open a zip locked baggie. I’ve been holding onto this little secret for a while now, and I can’t do it anymore.

So color me a coward, but this was the only way I could muster up the courage to let DH know he ate a “Doodle Cookie”….

Thanks for reading. Pray I’ll be back at the end of the week with another blog post – HA!…


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