I thought it was important that we shared a birthday thank you note with each of you. You all made Harley feel so special posting birthday wishes during his Thanksgiving “Birthday” Holiday Celebration (Whew, that’s a mouth full)…

thank you-1

I can honestly say, with the brief exception from “Tom the Turkey” all eyes were on Harley this weekend. He is still glowing and reminiscing from all the attention…


Sugar plums and Greenies are dancing in his head

From a Doodles perspective, the great thing about holidays and family gatherings – there are plenty of hands to go around. When one person gets tired from rubbing on you, you can casually stroll less than 5 feet to the next set of willing hands…


If I had $1.00 for every time this happens…

Thanksgiving morning, Harley smelt what he thought to be “eggs” – his human food fave. He’s used to getting a smidgen from time to time, but Tiffany was making a frittata with all sorts of tasty ingredients not recommended for a doodle. Try as he might to win someone over with his Academy Award pitiful stare, it didn’t work…


He’s slipping with his acting ability

Although it was BEYOND freezing (based on my personal thermometer), I did manage to bundle up like the little kid from the movie “A Christmas Story” and take them outside to romp around a bit. Harley and Leo have two entirely different views on outdoor fun. While both of them favor the sport of ball play, they have a different point of view as to what’s actually an activity.

You can only throw the ball to Harley ONCE. After he’s caught it, he rolls over on his back and pretty much remains like that with the ball in his mouth. To him, that’s exercise…

Harley play

Never EVER have to worry about him over exerting himself.

Leo on the other hand, will run – fetch, run – fetch, until he drops from exhaustion. This time I watched (with camera in hand), as he used his own deductive reasoning to retrieve his beloved “Wilson” from the perils of a holly bush. Yes I threw it / Yes I have “zero” aim…

Leos ball

It didn’t take him long and he seemed elated with pride as he pranced back with “Wilson” in tow

With the turkey and trimmings almost gone and Black Friday sales behind us – it was time to pull out the Christmas decorations and get this party started! We were ready to “deck some halls” baby…


Harley looked amazed at all the stuff coming out of the closet

Tiffany was so excited to have her “daddy” around to help her dress the front door. The Boys watched from the lawn like supervisors…


A special moment for a daughter and her dad…

Evening treats of hot chocolate, peppermint mocha coffee, and take out Chinese food brought our holiday happiness to a perfect close.

Yes indeed, this is certainly the season to be jolly…


Yes she knows I took this picture / No she doesn’t know it’s in this blog post – YET

FA – LA- LA- LA -LA – LA-LA-LA-LA…. Thanks for reading, remember Santa Paws is watching!

  • Jen@MyBrownNewfies
    December 3, 2013

    That’s so great that Harley had a good birthday! I love how he rolls on his back and plays with the ball for exercise 🙂

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 11, 2013

      Hey Jen –

      Rolling on his back is anything BUT exercise! But that’s all he’s gonna give me, believe me. Take care.

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