Recently I’ve taken on a new project as a canine photography student!… I haven't enrolled in an accredited school or anything  -  no time #nodoodleway Instead, I’m in a evening undergrad program at YouTube University, and on the weekends I turn into a “silent stalking student” of Jeanne Taylor #photographerextraodinaire… MY PHOTOS NEED HELP - It is safe to ...


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PetSafe Busy Buddy – been around for ages. Color me clueDOODLEless because I've never purchased one...The two that I have actually came in my swag bag from this Springs Blog Paws Conference. RAIN – RAIN – GO – AWAY – In our corner of the globe, the weather has made this one unusual Summer. So far, we've ...


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Beach rules - #accordingtojax Come out of your SHELL... Avoid PIER pressure... Be SHORE of yourself... Don't get TIDE down... Go ahead and make WAVES... Let your troubles DRIFT away... SEAS the moment... ROLL with the tide... AND FOR DOODLE-SAKE... Don't forget your BALL ❤️ We're trying to be less "wordy" in the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.


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Lets talk tongues shall we? - The other day - Jaxson crawled up on the couch and preceeded to lick everything - his private parts his paw the bottom of my foot Besides making a mental note to wipe my feet off before climbing into bed (after all my "feet" did come AFTER his private parts) - ...