Welcome to our new home!

For the last couple of months Harley and I have been “passively” looking for a new home. While we loved our original residence in Doodleville, my energy was stifled a little because of the constant reminders of – let us say –  a different time in our lives.

A few weeks ago we decided to take the plunge, we found a place we thought was pawfect for us so we packed up our belongings and moved in over the weekend…


Our first home was wonderful – but it was built for two. While we don’t necessarily see this one as “smaller” we’d like to think it is tailored more towards Harley’s new lifestyle. So welcome, please – come on in and make yourself comfy. Allow us to show you around our humble abode!

It makes sense to start by showing you our “welcome sign” also known as our new “logo.”  Its versatile design makes it whimsical and just plain fun, a lot like Harley. Together, we made the interior design color selections…

logoLike any new home, there are still a few things left to do but since we’ve already moved in, let us take you on a tour…

  • The Doodle Daily tab is our foyer or our “home page.” It’s “how” to get your daily dose of doodle blog chuckles.
  • Categories, is our kitchen – just like opening the pantry to choose your favorite snack, mouse over the tab and when the drop down menu appears – choose what type of adventure you want to catch up on.
  • About could be compared to the upper level of our home, “hover” over – then stroll through all the rooms:
  1. About Me gives you an inside look into who I am, or better yet who I’m evolving into thanks to you – our readers.
  2. Tribute is our way of always having Leo near. Honoring the incredible animal he was, celebrating his life, while remembering the oodles and doodles of love he shared with so many.
  3. Services & Advertising as well as Site Polices are the wallpaper in my office. Just information for anyone interested in helping us pay the bills or at least purchase some treats!
  • Doodlers is an educational play ground for little humans. Here Harley will create fun stories for local elementary school classrooms. He’ll turn ordinary lessons into fun and interactive ways to engage students with reading, writing, and computer skills.
  • Contact Us will allow you to “talk to me” whenever you want. Goodness knows, I love hearing from you.
  • Favorite Things is our bonus room. The room you didn’t expect to have in the house and when you realize it’s there you’re thrilled! Here we will showcase any and everything we love that we think you will love too!

I believe we’ll be very happy here, and we want you to come and visit even more than before.

All this couldn’t have been possible without the help of our “website” real estate angel Makya of Mareta Creations. She helped us locate our new home, designed our logo’s, taught me a few things, and kept me off the ledge of a very tall building as I tried to figure out how to navigate my way through all this Word Press mess. #jumper 

Make yourself at home – I’ll go make the coffee!

That’s our mischief. Thanks for reading and make it a great work week but be quick about it, it’s a short one…

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Cancer, chemo, and radiation are behind us now. In fact, tomorrow Tiffany will celebrate another milestone. November 20th will be her twelfth anniversary since her very first diagnosis :)

For anyone going through any type of personal battle, whether it’s physical, spiritual or emotional, it helps tremendously to have the perfect prescription combination of great courage, faith, family, and friends to support you.

Tiffany’s most powerful ingredient in her prescription combination came wrapped up in fur…


Rx instructions were as follows: “to be cuddled with whenever needed”


He’s been the perfect prescription ingredient ever. Harley, you’re simply the best!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and be kind to someone today….

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It’s now come to this…


…98% of the packages delivered to our house are for Harley. When his box from chewy.com arrived, I placed it on the floor and went to grab my glasses. “Someone” was impatient and determined to open it himself. I told him “Harley, let me help you” but oh-no, he wanted to do it on his own…

It didn’t take long for him to figure out that he needed my assistance, so he allowed me to open the box…

I told him I would help!

I told him I would help!

Harley’s been enjoying contents from chewy.com for many years now while I’ve been enjoying the convenience of ordering online and having it delivered to my door.

So we were both thrilled for Harley to become a “Chewy Spokes Doodle.”

Now he’ll report back to you about the new Doodlelicious goodies and let you know what he thinks…

Mr. Doodle Tester...

Mr. Doodle Tester…

Natural Balance Delectable Lamb Meatballs


Made with high-quality lamb. No corn, wheat, or artificial favors or colors. Suitable for all breeds and great for both puppies and adult dogs. Made in the USA, and the 4-oz bag is currently on sale for $6.99

I plan to use these to help with my “leave it” command training. I am happy to report – he is improving…

1. Leave it - 2. Wait - 3. Now

1. Leave it – 2. Wait – 3. Now

For several months, I’ve been working on an event for the Senior Citizen’s at my church. The program was Saturday so this past week was crazy – to say the least. I’ve spent more hours away from Harley than usual. It was literally “killing me softly” to leave him every morning…

Such a tough face to leave...

Such a tough face to leave…

Therefore Sunday was officially declared “Harley & me” day.

I intentionally waited until Sunday to share his other treat from his Chewy box – Blue Wilderness Dental Chews. But first let me say this – I love the eyes on their product mascot. WOW! Those eyes, that face, gorgeous…


Okay, back to the dental chews! I followed the size chart and ordered the large chews. Pawhaps since Harley’s not quite 60 lbs, I could have gotten away with a medium size chew, but I was tickled to doodle watching him tote this new bone treat all around the house.

I like these because of all the ingredients that are NOT in them…


Of course I took this opportunity to really test our “leave it” training, and I’m one proud Doodle Momma. Not only did he leave it …


even though we didn’t want to, we followed the “drop it” command when told and sat down too! Notice his “I am not happy with you” look as he waited for his release command…

Not feeling me right about now!

Not feeling me right about now!

These two commands are super important to us when we’re doing therapy work. Residents and med techs can accidentally drop all sorts of things. I am really working hard to ensure Harley becomes proficient with these two commands more than anything else. I need him to understand when to “leave it” and more importantly when to “drop it.”

Reunited with his bone again, he let me know he was finished with training. He cradled it in his mouth and ran up two flights of stairs to his bed for solitude…


He either savored it, or it’s designed to last a long time – I timed him and it took him 9 minutes to come back downstairs.

Seems like Harley gives both Natural Balance Delectable Lamb Meatballs and Blue Wilderness Dental Chews four paws up today.

Thanks Chewy –

In full disclosure: I am not compensated for this review. I was asked to select products from chewy.com  for Harley to enjoy. All opinions are my own, swayed only by Harley’s lip smacking and tail wagging approval.

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Most days, we combine our lunch hour with our afternoon break and spend it watching The Ellen Show. I love her monologues. Harley loves the music…


Marshall just loves Harley!

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