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Woofessential has changed my life when it comes to walking Jaxson in the rain. This is their new Puddle Jumper Big Dog Raincoat...

This company has made all my Doodle dreams come true by catering to the big dog regarding wet weather apparel. Rarely can I find apparel for big dogs.

All Jaxson’s life – the only “non-lined” all-weather rain gear I could find looked something like this…

…trust me when I tell you, this didn’t do much in terms of protection, but this was all I could find that fit him #somewhat When the wind blew his back got wet, and Jaxson’s gait tosses mud and debris (like damp leaves and such) on his stomach and upper leg area.


not only create a waterproof, lightweight, durable, and attractive raincoat for large dogs, but they also think about the human on the other end of the leash!…

This Woofessential ensemble for humans is soft, with a few features of its own:

  • zippered pockets – a must for me between phone, poop bags, and car keys, I don’t risk losing anything
  • drawstring hood – that doesn’t slip off when the wind blows
  • Velcro straps – at the end of each sleeve to adjust around the wrist if needed


A drawstring under the belly, eliminating any accidents with male dogs was a game changer for us me. I also no longer have to deal with wet dogs OR the smell that goes along with it. This gear offers full body protection too…

Since we’re not professional models or actors LOL – I thought you might appreciate just a regular dog mom showing you how easy it is to put the puddle jumper on a dog…

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when sales are plentiful, so I desperately wanted to share with you our experience with this raincoat. If you have a dog or know of someone with a dog and you need/want a really useful gift for Christmas (or any other occasion where you purchase something for someone), this could really be the one #acontenderatleast

Through Cyber Monday, you can purchase what they call the matching raincoat “bundle” for $145.00. That’s 25% off a puddle jumper for your pooch and a really comfy raincoat for the human on the other end of the leash.

This product has been a game-changer for me. Now when it’s raining and we’re trying to get to work, I no longer stress. When we arrive at the hospital, I towel dry his head and tail and clean off his paws then he’s ready to share tail-wagging happiness with patients, their families, and care team members…

Check Woofessential out – and bark back if you think this could solve your big dog, wet dog problems on a rainy day!

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DISCLAIMER: I was provided a bundle package from Woofessential in exchange for an honest review. Groovy Goldendoodles™ is not being compensated monetarily for this content. I will only write about products I believe to be relevant and useful to our readers. And of course – Jaxson has to agree!

  • Tails Around the Ranch
    November 28, 2023

    That last pic…priceless!

    • Cathy Bennett
      January 1, 2024

      HA! – Thank you so much…