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Have you ever watched and then wondered – why dogs sniff tails? I’ve heard all sorts of reasons, but I think the most common is –

as a form of greeting one another.

But did you know it’s also a way for dogs to determine if they’ve met before? #truestories

The odor is so unique the aroma from the anal region is like an undeniable form of canine identification.


Then there’s the dominance thing. Dogs sniff rear ends to establish which is dominant and then establish the relationship. The dominant dog initiates while the submissive dog waits his turn.

When sniffing tails at an initial greeting, Harley never liked for the other dog to “sniff” first. If the other dog was too familiar too quickly, the innocent and friendly salutation usually resulted in a growl from Harley to end the smelling session.

Here’s something I didn’t know –

Dogs smell rear ends as a calming mechanism. Performing this innate ritual soothes them and serves as a stress reliever.

VCA Animal Hospital


has to go to the most adorable story I received not too long ago, titled “Ode to the Dogs” – #enjoyandlaughalittle

The dogs once had a meeting, they came from near and far.

Some came by railway – and some came by car…

Before they could go in, and even have a look.

Each had to take off his tail – and hang it on a hook…

By the time they got in, and seated to their desire,

Some wise dog among them – barked,

fire, fire fire!

The dogs began to run, the dogs began to look,

They grabbed just any old tail – off of just any old hook…

Some of them got round ones, and some of them got square.

Some of them went to get theirs – but it wasn’t even there…

So even to this day, dogs do rove and roam.

And sniff each other’s tail – hoping to find their own…


On a more serious note –


is another blog post I wrote with more detailed (pun-intended) information about this particular dog body part that plays the role of an information road map for dogs. Check it out when you get a chance.

Thanks for reading – hope we made you smile 🙂

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