Listen, let’s be honest with each other: Why on earth would someone take their pet to doggie day camp on a regular basis? I’ve heard this asked more than once. And I truly understand, I was asking this question myself! Most people say “they’re dogs!”, or “mine stays in the house, and he’s fine.” I don’t doubt that he is – in fact “fine”, but what does he do? Better yet, what does he make YOU do once you get home from work?

I am blessed, abundantly, with a working situation of three days in and two days at home. While physically in the office – I know they’re in excellent hands with counselors that care and they’re having a ton of fun in the company of “like personality” canine friends (yes, they have friends), while they play – ALL DAY LONG.

If I’m running a bit late in the morning, they eat breakfast there. There are a variety of activity choices; they can go swimming in the big pool, really stretch out and try their paws at some agility training, or just hang out with their “dawg’s”, and romp around, splash it up in the outdoor pools, or just chill with a counselor for some love and attention. It is comforting to know they aren’t getting into mischief in the house (dogs will be dogs).

But the best part of all, the real incentive for taking my lunch to work, buying cheap gas, not eating out as much, comes when I look in my rear view mirror less then one mile into our journey home, and see this….








…talk about feeling justified with how I’m spending my $$$. They’ve been to camp, we’ve been to work – so everyone’s pretty laid back for the rest of the evening.

I would imagine as they age, their days at camp will decrease, but for now – it’s a win-win relationship. So before you say “no way”, trust me when I suggest you look up a facility nearest you, do some research, check out the “comment” section, give them a call, and go check it out for yourself. Even if you decide to do it just one day a week, it is so worth it…

If Olde Towne Pet Resort is near you, and your interested, tell them “The Boys” sent you, and receive a discount for your first day!

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