I’m living near water with Goldendoodles –


– something I’ve dreamed of for years …


With both the retriever and poodle of this crossbreed enjoying water – you might expect an instant love of the same from their puppies.


Behaviors like this do not necessarily have a high heritability (likelihood of being carried genetically in to the offspring) – there is much more likely to be an influence of environment and learning than genetics. So, a puppy raised by a water-loving bitch, and introduced to water in a safe and fun way, is likely to want to swim/play in water. Sian Ryan, Dog behaviourist, trainer and educator.

Harley and Jaxson view the enjoyment/use of water differently….


Harley – is a “knee deep” swimmer. Keep the water below the belly and it’s a great day…


Jaxson – is the “all-in” swimmer. Beach, lake, bathtub, garden hose – doesn’t matter. He’s an equal opportunity water dog! #fishdoodle


If your desire is to bring home a Goldendoodle who loves the water, and you’re unable to learn information about the parents, research safe and fun ways to acclimate your Dood to water.

I’m a firm believer that ALL dogs need to be introduced to water in a safe environment. All dogs do not  swim. Know your dogs aquatic level before venturing out in open waters.

Harley and Jaxson’s first swim was in a pool, with a life vest…



  • Talk to your vet
  • Be aware of the dangers of running water
  • Bring fresh water for them to drink
  • Know the quality of the water
  • Avoid strong currents
  • Look for snakes, snapping turtles, and other creatures.



Goldendoodles and Water

*I am not a breeder nor a veterinarian. I am a Doodle Mom searching and sharing a better understanding about everything Goldendoodle.

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  • Guilie Castillo
    April 27, 2016

    That photo of the two of them, Harley pulling back and Jaxson drenched to the bone, is *brilliant*. Perfect illustration—of their personalities, sure, but also, more deeply, of the fact that breed doesn’t guarantee behavior, or even affinities. Indeed, as you say, dogs need to be introduced to water (to anything, really) in positive, supervised ways. I work mostly with rescues, most often mutts, and so I’ve learned how misguided these “breed assumptions” we make can be. On the other hand, some dogs who exhibit zero physical characteristics of, say, a retriever breed might have extraordinary retriever abilities (and interests), so I’ve also learned to keep play, especially when raising puppies, as varied as possible… You never know what talents may lie hidden in the unassuming disguise of a mutt 😉

    Great post, Cathy.
    Guilie @ Life In Dogs

    • Cathy Bennett
      April 27, 2016

      Thanks Guille! While Harley could “take it or leave it” when it comes to water games, he is a beast in agility. Loves it all! I enjoy exposing them to everything out there. I’m researching dog diving for Jaxson. Big here in SC, we’ll see. Take care. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  • Misty Shores Chesapeakes
    April 27, 2016

    Oh that is so funny, I have a knee deep swimmer and others that are all in 😉

    • Cathy Bennett
      April 27, 2016

      Those knee deep swimmers are easier to clean up too!

  • Emma
    April 27, 2016

    Love the look of Jax when he is all wet! He kind of looks like Bailie and me!

    • Cathy Bennett
      April 27, 2016

      You’re right Emma! When wet he could be your brother! #GBGVDoodle 🙂

  • Colby
    April 27, 2016

    Great advice for introducing your doodles to water! I’ve had mainly Labs and Goldens and out of 6 only 1 had an instinctive enthusiasm for water.

    • Cathy Bennett
      April 27, 2016

      Thanks Colby – I wanted to know the level of water skills they had before taking them to the beach. So many people believe all dogs (especially those who are “supposed” to embrace water) are magically going to love it AND know what to do in it.

  • Tenacious Little Terrier
    April 27, 2016

    Mr. N thinks getting wet is something to be avoided whenever possible. He does know how to swim though.

    • Cathy Bennett
      April 27, 2016

      No water sports for you Mr. N.? That’s okay – I still think you’re one of the bravest dogs I know – reaching heights way beyond the average dog!

  • Two French Bulldogs
    April 27, 2016

    I am like you Harley the water stays below the belly. Edward runs for the hills
    Lily & Edward

    • Cathy Bennett
      April 27, 2016

      OMDoodle not running for the hills Edward!

  • Jackie Bouchard
    April 27, 2016

    Lots of good advice! (If I ever see a snake in the water, I’ll likely have a heart attack!!) Congrats on the end of the alpahbet in sight!

    • Cathy Bennett
      April 28, 2016

      Thanks Jackie – I’m okay with the snakes, but don’t let me see a squirrel (don’t laugh) – they terrify me. LOL I’ve enjoyed the challenge, but I am also ready for the letter “Z” 🙂 Thanks for hanging with us!

  • Christine Caplan
    April 28, 2016

    One day I would love to live with an all in swimmer. Our dogs will wade in the water and explore and the big doxie will even swim for a ball but I don’s see them wanting to run and jump in! Great pics!

    • Cathy Bennett
      April 28, 2016

      Jaxson is a run in and jump type of guy. Harley prefers the beach vs. the pool. I don’t think he likes to see the bottom of the pool. At the beach he will stay on shore unless we go in. Then he barks for us to come and get him. He doesn’t like the break in the water, so we carry him over the waves. He’ll then swim back and forth to us for quite a while resting on our backs when he’s tired. Such a character LOL

  • The Daily Pip
    April 28, 2016

    Gosh, I wish Ruby enjoyed the water! We live in the Chicago area so we are unfortunately a long way from the ocean. I have taken Ruby to Lake Michigan a few times. She’s OK with sand, but if the water touches her paws – she’s out of there.

    Last summer we took her with us on a road trip to the east coast. We even found a dog friendly beach in MA, which wasn’t easy to do. I thought maybe the ocean would win her over in terms of water. Not so much …she’s pretty much wanted nothing to do with it. She’s definitely not a water dog.

    • Cathy Bennett
      April 28, 2016

      I guess if you don’t live near water – it’s okay. I love the beach, so having dogs who enjoy it also is a big plus. But you know what? All dogs don’t like the water and they don’t have to! Have a great weekend 🙂

  • Lindsay
    April 28, 2016

    Oh my goodness, Jaxson. He looks like a drown rat, whereas Harley likes to look his best, looking top notch. 🙂 What a difference in the two.
    Charlie loves the water much more after having done six months of hydrotherapy, and Baxter can’t be bothered. They’ll wade in the water if mommy goes in but by no means or any stretch are they labs where they’ll just hop on in without thought.
    It’s fun in the summer to take them swimming, or we TRY to at least. 🙂

    • Cathy Bennett
      April 28, 2016

      Yeah girl – Jax is all in when he sees water. Loves it.

  • Jean Dion
    April 29, 2016

    I think #fishdoodle might be my favorite of your hashtags (and I have many!).

    My two are not water-loving dogs. And I think that’s because they both have big and blocky heads. If they tried to swim, I don’t know that it would work out all that well! I try to make our beach trips enjoyable, but they tend to be dry. These guys just don’t have the love for water.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

    • Cathy Bennett
      April 29, 2016

      I hear you Jean, and that’s really ok. I’m sure this summer Doodle Dad will spend more time on beach sand with Harley while I shrivel up like a prune in the water with #fishdoodle 🙂 We love them like they love us – just the way we are… Have a great weekend!

  • Greg
    May 3, 2016

    Wow! What a difference between dogs! I would have expected my shihtzu to live the water, but my little docs hates even getting his paws wet from does on the grass! Each one is certainly unique! Great pictures too!

    • Cathy Bennett
      May 4, 2016

      Thanks Greg – I was super surprised myself with the difference between my two. They typically like the same things so I wasn’t expecting the water to be any different. Perhaps this summer since we are so close to the beach, Harley may decide to live it up a bit. We’ll see! Thanks so much for stopping by, come back and visit again soon!

  • Kate Welling
    April 2, 2019

    I’m happy that I found this article about Goldendoodles because my daughter wants this breed of dog for her birthday. I now understand how it would be important to be aware of the dangers of running water, as you mentioned. I will let my daughter know about this and the responsibilities of a dog before adopting one. It will help a lot with her anxiety, so it sounds like a great idea to me.

    • Cathy Bennett
      July 23, 2019

      Hi Kate – forgive my tardiness with my response to your comment, has your daughter gotten her doodle yet? So happy that you found this post beneficial. If she is still looking for a doodle or has one – please continue to read as I blog – knowledge is power. Tell her she can reach out whenever she wants. Take care, thanks for stopping by.