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As promised, but with a few blogs in between, I give you the conclusion to “MINE, MINE, MINE” (September 1).

Remember in the second picture, Leo waited patiently (for what seemed like an eternity to him I’m sure) and after about15 minutes he decided to take a nap until “King Harley-Darley of Goldendoodleville” gave up one of the “royal scepters”….


While waiting, Leo fell asleep! I promise you – snoring and heavy breathing sleep. Harley, on the other hand, was totally disappointed – close to being somewhat disgusted. He thought Leo would spend “at a minimum” at least half of the rest of his childhood panning after this toy, but that wasn’t the case. He nudged him, and even dangled the toy in front of him but Leo never budged. Once Harley accepted the fact Leo was no longer interested, he too stopped playing and laid his head down. Now both boys are resting, stretched out on their pillow beds.

As I reached for my phone to take photo number three, it happened! Leo leaped straight up, grabbed the toy and ran upstairs like the dog catcher was after him. Harley was in shock. It took him a few minutes to put the pieces together and off he ran. He came right back though because he was so confused he forgot to take the other toy. Now I too jump up (didn’t want to miss anything either) but had to double back (like Harley) and grab my phone. As I reached the top of the stairs, I noticed how very quiet it was. I listened for the usual wrestling and tussling that accompanies their horse play, but everything was still. When I finally entered the bedroom, I had to laugh, here’s why:

Leo chose the one bed (which is rather high from the floor) that Harley has difficulty getting onto. He had found his sanctuary! “You go Leo!”

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