There are many things here on earth I consider “special treats” in my life, these are just a few (in no particular order):

  • A leisure weekend with my husband and the boys
  • A hot cup of coffee and interesting conversation from my favorite Starbucks
  • Time at the beach with the two legged kids
  • A great pedicure
  • Chilled red wine
  • And…

When OTPR asked me and the boys to participate in a YELP video with them, it seemed like a “cool” thing to do. I mean, the boys love going there and I love having them there, so why not!

We’ve never done anything like this before and I have to be honest, I was a “little nervous” when I arrived and saw Dixie, (the Springfield GM) chatting with the videographer –

But my “jitters” didn’t last long. As they discussed the best location to set up for the “shoot”, I let go of my “fear” and started to breath like a normal person!

They wanted to video me at the front desk, and apparently both Harley & Leo felt as if they needed to be part of the discussion

After that –  it was time for me to hand the boys over to their camp handler…

And away in the elevator they went…

It was time to take some footage of Dixie and I talking – “Mr. Camera Man” asked if I could be animated and excited – boy was I!

Now they wanted me to come into the multipurpose room for my actual interview. For the love of “doodles” I have no idea why I sat like this…

Ta-da” that was our “commercial” debut. It might sound sort of silly, but it was exciting, and I was happy to do it. However, I am not delusional – “Jim Vance” from NBC Nightly News will not come looking for me any time soon… trust me. But talking about Olde Towne Pet Resort is easy for me, because their entire operation is near and dear to my heart – it was our pleasure!
Check out the finished production…  GROOVY GOLDENDOODLES & YELP and then click “watch video”

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