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Saturday, I had plans that didn’t involve the boys – imagine that? My daughter was out with friends for the weekend, my husband and son were together doing “manly” things and I had plans to do something fun with my mother. As usual I’m the last one to leave – so I ALWAYS get that “where are WE going?” look from the boys as I grab my purse and keys. When I  put my shoes on – they both darted from the bedroom, ran downstairs and sat in front of the door as if to say “we’re ready.”

































Normally I laugh at their antics, rub their heads a bit and leave, but this was different. No one was leaving from in front of the doorway…

Perhaps they caught me at a very “maternal – motherly moment”, or I convinced myself – since Leo’s poop was  a little loose that morning – that I didn’t feel comfortable leaving “Do-Do Brown” home alone. WHATEVER the reason, I opened the door and told them to get in the car. A few hours at Olde Towne Pet Resort http://www.oldetownepetresort.com with some friends for a Saturday romp – would be a true treat! Needless to say they were “crazy” happy to see Dixie…

Seeing the boys at OTPR on Saturday is about as often as a “solar eclipse” – it’s a rare sight! Their entrance caused much conversation and the staff teased me about “who’s the boss in your house!”

Of course I defended myself, told them this was all my idea but as drove away I started thinking…. Who IS the boss in my house? By the time I reached the first traffic light I realized – IT AIN’T ME!

They have drivers:

































When we travel – Harley gets the front seat:


































































…and Dessert all the time:

Luxurious sleeping arrangements:

Mani / Pedi anyone?:

My kids didn’t get to sit in the living room growing up!:

Am I apologizing? Absolutely not, in fact I’m tickled. For every concession I’ve made since their arrival, I have been rewarded a zillion times with more love and laughter then I could have ever imagined.

I love my boys!










Thanks for reading, please forward this blog to someone that could use a smile today – and I’ll keep writing.

  • chastity
    April 30, 2012

    Just too cute! I’m sure the muscle mania crowed would have loved to see the boys! You know they are featured as my new FB profile photo! BEAUTIFUL BOYS. 🙂

  • Trixie
    April 30, 2012

    Our pet companions treat us like we are the best thing ever every time they see us! Why not let them be the boss. The world would be a better place!

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