I read once that “swimming” was supposed to be great exercise for dogs. I don’t think they meant this…
Both boys love the beach, and we try to grant them their wish by running away to a warmer climate for one week during the summer. But what about the other 51 weeks in the year? You can visit umpteen sites on the internet and read about the “benefits of swimming” for dogs but many of us can only give them this benefit once a year because of the different seasons in our particular region.

There are so many ways dogs benefit from swimming. Such as:

  • Weight loss and weight control
  • Improves fitness and stamina
  • Eases age-related problems such as stiffness and weakness from osteoarthritis
  • Reduces pain
  • Increases range of motion and body awareness
  • Gives high-energy dogs a fun and different physical outlet
  • Helps dogs with emotional issues such as depression or lack of confidence

My boys do not swim often during the “off peak” months, but when they do – they love it AND I love the serenity of our home later that evening. Very little movement, lots of snoring!

Last week, I brought them to Olde Towne Pet Resort for their swimming appointment. When I stuck my head into the office to say hello, one of the swim instructors was in the middle of minor foot surgery. “Dr. Kate” was trying to remove a foreign object from Brooke’s foot so she could get in the water with Leo…
Surgery was a success AND Brooke was cleared for the pool! While we waited for her to get ready, JC (Harley’s favorite) gave me a pose as I focused my camera lens…
Harley and JC have spent a number of years together and they are very comical to watch. Here Harley demonstrates his “human flotation device” move for me…
There were so many “doodle-tastic” photo opportunities, I decided to share “videos” with you. So (as they say in the movies) “without further ado” please enjoy the next three videos…




I must add (on the cautious side) that for some  pet families, there could be times when swimming may not be the appropriate form of exercise. For instance, if your pooch suffers from:

  • Heart disease
  • Respiratory disease
  • Seizure disorders
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Open wounds or infections
  • Fecal incontinence

You would want to check with the vet first.

This is no different then any other change in your pets lifestyle. ALWAYS seek medical advice BEFORE you start something new.

Once you’ve got your pet’s vets stamp of approval, find a pool near you and go make a splash…

All dry, combed out, and ready for lunch, a snack, and a very long nap…
Oodles and oodles of doodle love to Brooke, JC, and EVERYBODY at OTPR

Thanks for reading…

  • nikki
    January 24, 2013

    hello boys just read about your water work out you guys look like you were having fun!! also i had to go way back and read about you in the first days. seem to meet you two were made for you (dm) she love you guys very much!! take care of her. chat with you all later. nikki

  • Claudette Pope
    January 25, 2013

    I really really really enjoyed watching the boys enjoying their swim. A smile was frozen on my face straight through to the last
    video. Thank you for sharing that wonderful experience.

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