THERE IS A GOD (and He loves dogs)!

Have you ever had one of those days that starts out bad, and you can’t seem to stop it from getting worse? You know – first you wake up late, then what you thought you could throw on either wasn’t there, or it’s dirty (hmmm, how did it get back in the closet?). Or for whatever reason that extra helping of your favorite dessert has finally caught up with you, and what’s left for you to wear doesn’t quite fit the same…..

When you finally do reach your destination, looking a hot mess I might add, you somehow manage to get through the next 7.5 hours of your j.o.b. without cussing someone out; sliding their chair back just a few inches as they descend to a sitting position; or better yet, just knocking their lights completely out! It’s now late in the afternoon and because you’ve had extreme difficulty concentrating on ANYTHING, your productivity is at an all time low, on a day when you should have been working at warp speed, so now you’ve left later than usual, which translates into an extra 30 minutes in bumper to bumper traffic….

When you finally do arrive home, the only thing you’ve prayed for is just a few moments to yourself which you know “ain’t gonna happen” for a multitude of reasons, so you exhale, say a prayer, and turn the key…..

But for me – as soon as I look at the top of the stairs, my heart melts, my lips part into a huge smile, and I thank God out loud, right then and there for my two boys. So, if you don’t have boys of your own, print this picture and place it somewhere handy and share mine. At least then you too will have a fighting chance to salvage a portion of your evening!


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