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OKAY, so I will be the first to admit what I did wasn’t very nice, however, I have to admit it was LOADS of fun. You be the judge…


We purchased some new furniture and my husband was adamant our two “couch potatoes” would take ownership of these new pieces like they did the old ones. Now in all fairness, there are couches, recliners and such that they are not allowed on and there are some which they can curl up in.

Lee (my DH – Doodle Husband) felt since we intended to place the new in the exact same place of the old – it would be impossible for them to differentiate between the two and we would loose the battle AND the war! This conversation monopolized our evenings until the furniture arrived.

As I suspected, Harley, my ring leader in all their endeavors – jumped right up there. This time there was no need to get the “can” (visit Better Get a Six Pack” dated July 28), all I did was tell him to get down and he did. I was amazed. I watched them the rest of the afternoon and although they paced back and forth and even sniffed the new microfiber fabric, they never even laid their head on the cushions.

As soon as Lee got home, I was like a over-wound wind-up toy whose switch went from off to on, I talked a mile a minute! I was so excited and proud they not only listened but they listened the first time! Well my pessimistic husband, busted my bubble when he pretty much told me I had way too much confidence in them, and to remember this was only the first day. I could not believe his lack of faith in the three of us (yes, I’m talking about me and the boys).

Well as fate would have it, the next day, unbeknownst to my lovely husband, I worked from home. That afternoon as I worked, Leo tore all the guts out of a stuffed animal. Yes, I saw this happening, and no, I didn’t stop him because it gave me an incredible devilish idea. People always say a “picture is worth a thousand words”, I say a silent video is… PRICELESS.

I sent this to my husband while he was at work, and simply told him “we had a problem”. I NEVER-EVER said something dreadful happened to the new couch cushions – I promise! Never the less a good laugh was enjoyed by “one” of us, and to date, the boys are still not on the new couches!

Keep reading – I promise to keep blogging…

  • Camilla and Darwin
    August 17, 2011

    How hysterical! You have such good doods for not getting on those couches. The video made me crack up!

    • groovygoldendoodles
      August 17, 2011

      I’m so happy to know there is someone else out there with similar sense of humor! Thanks so much for reading.

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