If someone asked me what was the most difficult part of blogging, I would shout out – pets and photography!

I am NOT a pet photographer. That’s the truth – the whole truth – nothing but the Doodle truth #sohelpmeGod…

this-oneI’m just someone trying her #doodledarnest to capture something worthy of sharing.

For every decent photo I procure, dozens of the exact same shot have been tossed in the trash…


I think pets and photography have got to be the hardest in all the land. Paws up high to all those who’ve mastered this difficult art 🐾

I’m not talking about lighting, exposure or background. I’m referring to my subjects….



Harley is the closest thing to a novice pet photographers dream #thatwouldbeme


Generally if I ask him to do something he obliges me.

But there’s a #demondoodle side that has a tendency to show up without warning.

Take this photohe stayed in position while we waited for the people to walk by. He allowed me to back up, adjust my lens and this is what I captured…


Not quite what I was aiming for #punintended


When he’s “on” he’s “spot-on” …


But he’s also a pouter! Jaxson will shut down on you faster than the cable company if you forget to pay your bill.

Take this photo –  he wanted to go outside. We’d been out there all morning. I wanted to take some photos of him playing with an interactive toy. #Divodoodle refused to even look at me…


I’d like to invest in another camera this summer. I want one with faster shutter speed. Pawhaps that way I can catch the shots I want BEFORE my subjects change their minds. #doodlemomsdream

  • If you’ve got magic tips to help with pet pics please share!
  • If you’re struggling with pet pic’s here’s a few good reads –

How to Photograph Pets

How to Take The Best Picture of Your Dog

Ten Tips for Getting Great Photos of Your Dog


I have entered the Go Pet Friendly 2016 Best City for Pet Travelers Tournament


Of course I’m representing my #happyplace Charleston SC.

If we’re going to win this thing, the Boys and I will need your help #prettydoodleplease

Check back on Monday for full details.

The Readers’ Choice Best City for Pet Travelers Tournament puts a twist on the traditional “March Madness” basketball tournament and provides plenty of pet friendly travel inspiration, just before you start making your summer vacation plans.

We can’t do this without you #alittledoodlepressure

Have a spectacular weekend – you deserve it ❤️ keep smiling 🙂


  • Murphy
    March 11, 2016

    I love when my human shows me your pictures!
    You guys are so photogenic! Your “gold” shows through! BOL!


    • Cathy Bennett
      March 11, 2016

      Thanks Murphy – Sometimes I almost cry when I can’t capture that PAWfect shot – I try so hard 🙁

  • Emma
    March 11, 2016

    I’m a good model and love doing photo shoots. It’s a rare day when I won’t cooperate. Bailie does pretty well, but Katie has never liked the camera. In life before blogging Mom got a Nikon D3100 to take better photos, but used the scene modes for everything including action. It was better than point and shoot, but not great. She took a couple short intro to photography classes and started testing the waters with manual mode. It really made the world an easier place to photograph, especially if it included dogs in motion. Now she upgraded to the D7200 and it is amazing. She is no professional, but catching action is so easy. The burst mode is almost too fast at the high setting if you can imagine that. My tip would be get a good DSLR and take a couple classes at the camera store so you can start playing with manual mode.

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 11, 2016

      Your mom always takes great photos AND you and Bailie seem to always be so cooperative. I cannot wait to get a new camera. Looking at the Cannon Rebel series… I appreciate her tips and will certainly try to apply them 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  • Hera's mom
    March 11, 2016

    Hugs to Harley and Jaxson.
    From their Northern Virginia girlfriend,

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 11, 2016

      Well hi there Hera – I will certainly give the boys a hug from you!You and your momma are missed 🙁

  • Two French Bulldogs
    March 11, 2016

    You are a good photographer for not being a photographer
    Lily & Edward

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 11, 2016

      Awwhhhh thanks you two – I am doing my very best. Doodle Dad is forever criticizing me. #badman

  • Dashlilly
    March 11, 2016

    You take great photos! Keep it up. I take ridiculous photos. Tomorrow I have a professional photographer coming to the house to take doodle photos! Can’t wait to see what she captures — some of our last photos in Denver. Ohhhh…. Keep sharing your photos!

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 11, 2016

      Wow, I would love to do a professional photo shoot with the Boys. You’ve got to tell me how it turns out – please share your photo’s. Have a great weekend my friend!

  • Denise Gruzensky
    March 12, 2016

    BOL! We think you got some great shots but totally understand the subjects not always cooperating! Shasta seems to know when the camera is present & suddenly the great shot from a few moments before is GONE!! 🙂

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 13, 2016

      It would help tremendously if I could teach Jaxson to “freeze” like a statute like Harley LOL

  • Monika & Sam
    March 12, 2016

    If it’s any consolation, all good photographers take a gazillion shots and feel lucky if there’s one worth sharing. Dogs and babies are the toughest because both are always on the move. Keep shooting and you’ll figure out just when to click on the shutter (that nano-second before you think you should!). ღ
    P.S. Good luck wth the contest!

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 13, 2016

      Thanks for the tip – I will try to remember to click early. I’ll let you know how it turns out 🙂

  • Callie, Shadow, and Ducky's Mom
    March 13, 2016

    You take GREAT pictures of the boys! Personally, I like the not-quite-perfect shots as much as the perfect ones. Especially when they show a side of the dog’s personality that doesn’t necessarily show up in a posed shot. Most of my pix of my girls are taken on my phone; but I do occasionally use my little Canon point-n-shoot with the bells and whistles.

    Good luck with the contest! I love Charleston (SC), too! (And Savannah GA. Though I don’t know how pet friendly it is as I only spent a weekend there with hubby one time.)

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 13, 2016

      You are way too kind #butIwilltakeit 🙂 I come from a family of fantastic photographers but I never paid much attention. I wish I had. Hopefully a meet-up group once I get a new camera will be beneficial. We’ll see… Working on my contest strategy now, stop by on Monday. We need your vote!!

  • Rebekah
    March 13, 2016

    I took the squeaker from a toy, and use it to get their attention!

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 14, 2016

      I tried that and it works great when we’re inside, but when I’m outside it makes them think it’s time to play #chaos LOL

  • Sand Spring Chesapeakes
    March 23, 2016

    try getting 4 dogs to sit still, lol. I think the pictures are all great.

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 24, 2016

      HA! I think about you often especially when I see what an excellent job you do with your crew! I have also come to the realization that a great deal of my problem is the camera I am using. Will have to suck it up soon and invest in one with faster shutter speed.

  • Pedro and Alessandra
    March 28, 2016

    Dear Harley and Jax’s Mama, this is me, Pedro. My Mommy takes lots of photos of me all the time… She’s a bona-fe puparazzi! But when she wants me to pose, the only thing that actually works is a fistful of treats of which I require a down payment, then one that I can sniff while I’m sitting pretty and full payment after a couple of clicks… Otherwise, it’s a no go. I get Jax, why stay still when there’s so much to sniff, people to jump at, puppies to greet, posts to pee… you get the jist. Right? Anyway, Mommy and me love, LOVE your photos of Harley and Jax. And the best, your captions that are simply PAWSOME! Loving paws from Pedro

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 28, 2016

      Pedro – you’re mom has some great tips, I must give them a try when I need Jaxson to stay still. He’s always on the go, so hard to keep up with. Give her a hug for us!

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