A few months ago I wrote about a QR coded personalized easy-release digital pet collar from PetHub

Awwhhh look at Leo in the ad...

Awwhhh look at Leo in the ad…

They sent us two engraved ID Collars. I followed some really easy directions, loaded each dogs name, weight, breed, etc… along with contact info so it could be scanned right from the buckle. They now have become my “go to” collars whenever we leave the neighborhood.

You can read here why I prefer for The Boys to wear them when we’re either around large crowds or in unfamiliar places…

This is a typical scene when we're "out and about"

This is a typical scene when we’re “out and about”

I like the feeling of having that extra layer of identification protection 🙂

So when PetHub reached out to me again, to discuss “Canine DNA Profiling”, I was intrigued.

Joining forces with The DNA Diagnostic Center and creating Pet Protect 360 enabled them “together” to combine the benefits of a smart phone with DNA Technology into a superior identification and recovery tool.

• 100% Non–Invasive & Pet Safe

• GPS Tracking Capability

• Scannable ID tag for easy access to your pets information

The Microchip is good, don’t get me wrong, however, there is that delayed response. The individual who finds our dog has to get to a location where the chip can be scanned and read.

The QR Coded Pet Tag on his collar affords us “real time” instant updates. I can call it in on my smart phone, or a person can scan the code with their smart phone and if I choose to upgrade our service I can use the GPS tracking device. All of this can be done within minutes of separation, drastically increasing our chances of experiencing a happy ending.

DNA Canine Profiles also grants us a “fool proof” method of identifying our dog in the case of what I call – “found and kept on purpose.” 

Here’s a scenario…..

Many times dogs will wander off within relatively close proximity to their home, sometimes in their own community. Someone then sees him, befriends him, and decides “finders keepers.” Days or even a few weeks later you notice your dog with someone else, and the “unofficial” family tries to claim him. Well, just like the crime shows on television – “DNA don’t lie!” BAZINGA – You’ve got your precious pup back 🙂

Because I only received one kit, I immediately decided on Leo. How did I come to that conclusion? Trust me, if someone snatched/found Harley they would PAY to find me so we could be reunited. Harley-Darley is a “hot mess” when he’s not around his momma!


My niece (Dr. Rona Smith, MD / Nephrology Fellow from the University of Tennessee) was visiting the day the kit arrived, so we decided to let her do the honors…

Not "quite" in her field of medicine, but she adapted!

Not “quite” in her field of medicine, but she adapted!

Rona said since Leo cooperated and was the pawfect patient, he deserved a treat. It was Leo’s idea to include Harley…

Leo said Harley was hanging around for Doodle support!

Leo said Harley was hanging around for Doodle support!

Approx. 6 weeks later – Leo’s certificate came back (I’m using a sample version for this post)…


I will upload Leo’s information to his PetHub profile, email the PDF version to our “Doodle Doc” and print a copy to keep in Leo’s folder. Yes, DH has folders on The Boys (I think that’s so sweet!).

Just a really easy way to “reclaim” our pet should we ever need to.

But interesting enough while researching this subject, I was somewhat speechless when I came across a growing trend with Canine DNA Profiling. Can you guess?

Who would have thought?

Who would have thought?

Believe it or not – HOA’s (Home Owner Associations) are starting to use this tool in multiplex developments to identify the “Poopertrator” when “deposits” are not picked up!

Don’t believe me? Read here!

DISCLAIMER: Although Leo was given a DNA kit, I was not compensated at all for this review. The opinion and review in this blog post is mine, and states what I believe about this process and the product. 

Have a Doodlerrific weekend, and be safe out there.

PS: The Boys will launch their quarterly newsletter Doodle*licious early next week. Don’t miss it – they’ve been burning the Doodle-night oil lately getting their material ready. Don’t ask me details – I’m not allowed in their office 🙁



Hurry, click here and sign up…

YEA, you made it!

Whew, that was cutting it close…

  • emma
    March 14, 2014

    I think the DNA kit could be useful if someone tries to steal or keep one of us. Something to think about. Have to see what they cost. Too bad they don’t do finger printing like they do with people but I think I read somewhere we have distinctive nose prints.

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 14, 2014

      Those were my thoughts too Emma. Scary stuff huh? I can’t imagine trying to get a “nose print” from Harley or Leo.

  • Kimberly Gauthier
    March 14, 2014

    Love the PetHub product. I’m curious to know how much exercise our dogs get when we’re not home.

    We’re thinking of having the puppies DNA tested. We don’t think they’re Catahoula.

    • Cathy Bennett
      March 14, 2014

      Kim what do you think they are? Besides adorable that is!
      If you go forward with it, please let us know what you find out. I think all this technology is simply fascinating!
      Have a great weekend 🙂

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