The boys are STILL going to camp! I know, I know, I remember my original plan, and I remember what I said: “once Leo becomes a year old, we will probably stop”, then after his birthday, I said “I’ll probably wait until Leo’s closer to two years old, and then leave them home more.”

Well it is time for a complete confession – “the whole truth – nothing but the truth – so help me God.” They will more than likely always be a card carrying member of OLDE TOWNE PET RESORT The place is just so “dog gone” (pun intended) good at what they do…..

Have you ever gotten hooked on an activity with a group of people – just for fun? Trust me – I truly believe the Olde Towne Pet Resort had that concept in mind when they opened their first establishment.

According to the ASPCA “Dog daycare providers can help you meet your dog’s needs for attention, activity and supervision. They provide a great antidote for bored, lonely or high-energy dogs with busy guardians who work away from home all day and don’t want to leave their dogs alone. Daycare isn’t for everybody—or every dog—but if yours enjoys playing and socializing with other dogs and the cost is appropriate for your budget, it can be a great option for your home-alone pal.”

At OTPR they have “over the top” friendly staff. Folks come from behind the front desk, to add a personal touch to their hello when anyone arrives. They understand their clients need a touch, a treat, or both to feel special. Harley & Leo’s morning begins with a ton of attention as they wait for the handlers to come and escort them to their room. After they “meet & greet”, it’s breakfast time and then off to play….


SO, as a pet parent – If you were a “dog”how would you prefer to spend your day:

  • home alone
  • with some friends

Image        Image

Daycare for dogs works similarly to daycare for children. You drop off your dog in the morning, and he gets to play, socialize, snack and nap while you’re off working. Then you pick him up at the end of the workday. Instead of your dog greeting you with loads of pent-up energy, he’ll be pleasantly tired and ready to relax with you all evening.

You could think of most dogs today as “unemployed.” Dogs have been traditionally bred for jobs—typically in hunting, livestock herding, protection or guarding. But their main job today is Couch Potato! Unfortunately, boredom and excess energy are two common reasons for behavior problems in pet dogs.

The main benefits daycares can provide are:

  • Relief from boredom
  • Relief from loneliness and the anxiety that loneliness can cause in dogs (including separation anxiety)
  • Socialization with people
  • Much-needed exercise and socialization with other dogs
  • Prevention of destructive behavior in the house when unsupervised
  • Relief from guilt for pet parents who feel badly about leaving their dogs home alone all day

Is Daycare Right for Your Dog?

For additional information regarding this subject please visit the ASPCA website. There you will find great tips on how to select a day camp, and what to look for and run from!

Tune in for our next blog when I show you their “report cards” – yes, they get “progress reports!

Until then, thanks for reading….

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