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This is it! My life with dogs…


…and I love it ❤️

I was not surprised at all when I saw the compilation of my “most used words” on Facebook…


My life with dogs has been enriched in so many ways. I had no idea what I was missing. I once regretted waiting until now to become a pet parent, but not anymore.

Reading an article listing the 10 reasons older people need pets, helped me realize this is the pawfect time.

Here are my top 5 (of the 10 reasons listed) that I felt connected to –

COMPANIONSHIP – I’m neither lonely or depressed, but I have become accustomed and comfortable with “Super Glue & Velcro”#nicknames 🙂 They’re never unavailable or off duty…


ROUTINE – You should see the facial expressions on some of the faces when I describe my daily “routine” with “Frick & Frack.” #morenicknames. I know they think I’m crazy. But here’s how I see it – YES, having a dog is a responsibility but it doesn’t need to be taxing. Jax demands structure which adds purpose to my life. #thatsagoodthang


EXERCISE – That’s a no brainer. I believe I’ve walked from NYC to LA a few times over the last 7 years. My only question?…



STRESS – Who’s got the time for it? Okay, I do get “ticked off” at times, and I’ve been known to belt out a few #$%^&* on occasion. But every single time, Harley listens intently, never judges me, and to my knowledge – he hasn’t told a soul. #hegetsme


TAKING CARE OF SOMETHING – Huge! HUGE!!!! I adore taking care of my “bookends.” It’s no secret once your career ends and your children grow up, the desire to be useful and of value doesn’t magically disappear. Having them in my life is extremely satisfying…


Be kind to someone and as always, thank you for sharing us with your friends!


  • Lauren Miller (ZoePhee)
    December 4, 2015

    Great post!! Dogs are so amazing, aren’t they! I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have mine!

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 4, 2015

      Thanks Lauren. I feel exactly the same way.

  • Emma
    December 4, 2015

    We dogs are mom’s life too. She says without us, she would have so much time on her hands and be so lonely she wouldn’t know what to do. Dogs are a wonderful addition to a human’s life! You boys are awesome! Love that first photo of you two on the couch and the canvas on the wall!

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 4, 2015

      Having dogs in your life is probably not for “everyone” but when it comes to your mom and I – there’s just no other way to live. The picture of the Boys was taken in my office, that’s where they hang out. The canvas is one of my favorites of “Leo” – he’s always with us! You girls are pretty pawsome yourselves!

  • Sand Spring Chesapeakes
    December 4, 2015

    Love this post! Have a wonderful weekend with your furry one’s.

  • Jan K
    December 4, 2015

    Dogs came a little later in life for me too – I grew up with cats – but now that they’re here, I couldn’t imagine being without one – or -two – maybe 3?
    I am so used to my routine with the crew I think I get more upset when it gets disrupted than they do!

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 4, 2015

      Ain’t that the truth! I cherish my walk times.

  • Dashlilly
    December 4, 2015

    You said it!!!! And aren’t they such wonderful listeners? no judgement, no second guessing, just looking and loving. Mary Oliver has wonderful poems about her dog Percy. In one of the poems, she can’t sleep so she sits in the living room and tells Percy “this is thinking” and Percy tells her “okay, but I like kissing better,” and then curls up next to her and sleeps. I love that image!! Couldn’t have life any other way!!

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 4, 2015

      I’m going to have to check Mary Oliver out. Thanks Deirdre.

  • slimdoggy
    December 5, 2015

    Don’t forget warmth…those two furries will always keep you warm!

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 7, 2015

      You got that right Slim!

  • Monika & Sam
    December 8, 2015

    Your guys are just so darn stinkin’ cute. All in all, it looks like a really great life! 😉

    • Cathy Bennett
      December 9, 2015

      It’s a wonderful life Monika. You understand- you’ve got Sam 🙂

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