Nope! not talking about music!
Not talking about investments either…

I’m talking about my:
City Doodle” and my Country Doodle”


It is absolutely amazing to me how two dogs of the same breed, growing up in the same house, with the same family, can be just like two legged children and be TOTAL OPPOSITES! The older they get, the more apparent this becomes!

“Harley” is my city doodle. He is so “Park Avenue” it isn’t funny. Even as a puppy the signs were there, I just didn’t see it, or possibly – didn’t understand it. Potty training him during inclement weather was awful! We’d stand outside (this is “pre-fence” period) for what seemed like an eternity, with no success. There were times when he would relent and “tinkle” for me, but most of the time we’d both just get either soaked or frozen. It wasn’t until he was much older that I caught on… Harley would rather hold it, then endure frigid or inclement weather!

Somewhere in the past 3.5 years I have misled this dog to believe he was entitled to a particular lifestyle, such as:

Medication gets administered through a spoon…

When we travel, I must be “Morgan Freeman” and he’s “Ms. Daisy” (look at Leo in the back would you?):

Recess, playtime, whatever you call it, has always been preferred “indoors” where the toys are plentiful and the room temperature is always perfect, regardless of the season!

NAPS on the “floor” is a dirty four letter word….

Leo, on the other hand, is more your “Green Acres” (remember that show?) type. He doesn’t care too much for titles, like:

  • Hollywood Hybrid
  • Designer Dog
  • Golden Doodle

If Leo could speak he’d probably say… “just call me DOG!

From day one, Leo had that “laid back” attitude about him. When meeting people, he prefers to get to know you on HIS terms, so there is generally no worries about having 92 lbs “all up in your face.” He has no real food favorites – Leo eats whatever Leo wants even if it’s not in any recognized food group. Twigs, grass, mulch, socks, it doesn’t much matter…

To describe Leo in one sentence, I would borrow the title of a Lionel Richie classic: Leo is “easy like Sunday morning.”   $4.00 ball + grass = LEO’S DISNEYWORLD...

He’ll play all day, any day, regardless of the weather AND he’ll play alone…

Like I said, if you let him introduce himself to you “at his pace” – he’s a huge gentle cuddle-bug…

Even when Harley tries to join in and “hog” the spotlight…

Living with two distinctly unique characters makes for minimal “uneventful” days in our home.

While Harley loves to be pristine clean – Leo loathes bath time…

Yet they both adore being around people…


And they also enjoy each other…

What a perfect fit for my life!

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  • Bosco's Mom
    June 7, 2012

    The beauty is that you respect their personalities and their unique characteristics. I love reading about the boys! More! More! More!

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