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Can someone please enlighten me about the obsession the boys have with our beds! we now have a new ritual in our house, in the morning – once we rise – before we do anything, we must “make up” our bed. I mean “first thing!” If not, you can bet (and win every-time) when you return to your room, they will have taken up residence there. Now before you say it, “yes”, I’ve made them get down, and “yes” they listen. But the very next morning, I feel like the actor “Bill Murray” in the movie “Ground Hog Day.”  Believe me when I say they have more than enough beds, cots, blankets, and throw pillows throughout the entire house – they really don’t need my one and only bed.







The other morning I even caught Leo using my husbands p.j.s for a pillow!

And if that’s not enough, I made him get down, explained that I had to make the bed. He sat there, waited and once I was done, I left to brush my teeth, wash my face – you know “morning stuff” –  came back into the bedroom, and found him lounging and snoring on top of the comforter (head on the pillow and all).








And don’t even think about throwing clean, fresh, warm sheets straight from the dryer onto the bed and think you can make up the bed with Harley around – Ain’t happening!



Something about that Downy…

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  • Melvin Brown II
    October 25, 2011

    You are right it must be in the fabric softer. Now considering I just throw my sheets and towels in the washer with some soap! Then throw them in the dryer I normally get whatever smell comes out of the detergent that we use, maybe I can get the same reaction from my family with a little fabric softener?

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