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Surely by now you cannot be surprised when I tell you both Harley and Leo are NOT camera shy…

They’ve actually become theatrical with it. Harley is so conditioned, he seems to “doodle kiss” his friends every time he sees the camera lens…

Believe it or not, Mr. “I’m so shy” Leo, has taken a liking to displays of affection for the thrill of the flash. Look at him give out kisses to one of his favorite peeps at Olde Towne Pet Resort

It’s photos like these that gave the boys and I the idea to sponsor a Holiday Pet Portrait session for all pet families. What better way to say “Happy Holiday’s” and make someone you truly care about – “smile.”

Having had great success hosting our first Doodle Day event…

We asked OTPR to donate their location, and we asked Mareta Creations to return and take the photos. When both immediately said “yes” we couldn’t wait to tell “all of you” about it!

Holiday cards, or other unique gift ideas, whatever your preference, you can have your pick of memorable keepsakes to last a lifetime!

Mareta Creations will provide different and unique backgrounds for you to choose from, with reindeer antlers and other props should you need to use them. And in case your wondering…  your items will be back in plenty of time for Christmas.

To make an appointment for your portrait sitting – the steps are quite easy. Simply click on the flyer to the right of this web page for detailed information and call the number listed to select the time that is perfect for you.

If you aren’t in the local area, I apologize, but I vow to take more than enough pictures myself from the side lines to share in a blog post so you’ll at least feel as if you were there!

“What the Doodle?”… I’ve got to go, I must grab my camera and get this shot, Leo is practicing his “vogue” pose!

Call the number on the flyer if you have additional questions.
Thanks for reading…

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  • Bosco's Mom
    November 8, 2012

    Thank you Harley and Leo for hosting this event. I might even get Bosco, my old man out for this special event, Doodle kisses from your OTPR mom.

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