I have a forever friend who is aware of the “Boys” blog, however we never talked about it…


When the blog first launched back in May, I emailed everyone I knew and gave them the website. When I didn’t receive any feedback from her –  I just “assumed” (and we all know that’s never a good idea…) this wasn’t her sort of thing and she wasn’t interested. I even imagined she’d decided, instead, to campaign for the “Presidents” position of my ”She’s Gone Completely Crazy” Fan-Club, but it turns out to be just the opposite! Who knew she was a “secret reader” of the blog?

Right before the holidays she gave me a call and with tons of excitement in her voice, she asked me to log onto my computer and to “please go to YouTube.” I did as requested, as she told me about a song her co-workers were listening to over and over, and when she saw it – she thought of me, and told the group about the “Boys!”

She wanted me to listen to a song by a country artist – Billy Currington. He sings the cutest song “I Like My Dog.” As I listened to the song (more than once I confess), “Doodle” images ran through my mind. So as 2011 comes to a close, I thought this was a PERFECT way to enter into a new year. A very special “thank you” to my forever friend Pam, who has been following the Chronicles of Harley and Leo all along….

To all their readers, bloggers, and surfers – thanks for logging in and sharing. The “Boys” wish you a PROSPEROUS, HEALTHY, and “HAPPY DOODLE” NEW YEAR.

Please continue to read – beginning 2012 Harley & Leo will correspond with you about their camp adventures at Olde Towne Pet Resort on FACEBOOK.

God Bless Everybody!

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  • Claudette Pope
    December 30, 2011

    It’s been a great year. Thank you Harley and Leo for all ot the chronicled adventures. I hope one day to have a companion (of the 4 legged variety) as beautiful and gracious as you guys.

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