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I traveled out of town to my brothers birthday celebration. The boys did not go with me. Leo is okay with being away from me, because he has Harley.

But Harley becomes a blues singer…

“My momma done left me – DUM, DA-DA-DUM
Oh what will we do? – DUM, DA-DA-DUM
Not sure when she’s returning – DUM, DA-DA-DUM
So I’m singing the blues…. – (music and a B.B. King wail…)

What you are about to read is: “the truth, the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth, so help me God!”

Harley is without a doubt one of the happiest dogs I’ve ever spent any significant quality time with. He is typically always like this:











Until you bring these out of the storage room:




Because he didn’t see his own little bag come out too, I must deal with this face until I leave:














I even tried to take him outside for some playtime, but this is what I got instead:














Since a baby, if I leave, he waits:
























And he stills waits for me:



























I was a little curious as to how he reacts once I leave. I figured after a while he would get involved with the rest of the family, neighbors, etc…

Apparently after looking at this video Tiffany sent, Harley has now had time to teach Leo the “art of sulking” (he’s so impressionable!). The boys sleep in the room with us, but never on the bed. Enjoy…

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Thanks for reading….

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  • Tiffany
    July 16, 2012

    Harley & Leo can’t wait for their mommy to get home!

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