No need for me to spend money to research Harleys family tree. I’ve solved this mystery all by myself – and for free!

I found out that “Harley-Darly” is a descendant from the canine side of the Houdini family!

Harry Houdini evidently had a Goldenddoodle back in the early 19th century. He and this Doodle were undoubtedly close and together all the time. Like the Bush Beans talking dog that always wants to tell the secret family ingredient, The Houdini family Doodle must have shared some “hocus-pocus” that were then passed down several generations and made it to Harley.

“Harry Handcuff Houdini” was known for several notable escapes…


  • The Milk Can Escape
  • Chinese Water Torture Cell


  • The Buried Alive Stunt

And although Harley “don’t do” handcuffs, Harley will mesmerize you with his “bottle cap removal” trick….
That’s right, Harley can twist the cap off of a bottle before you can spell D-O-O-D-L-E
In a matter of seconds, he can balance any size bottle between his paws, grip the cap, and start twisting it right off…
And before you know it – the cap is off – and he is savoring the sweet victory called “residue” left behind in the bottle…
So far we’ve never had to call in a medical team to extract his tongue from the neck of a bottle…
Only a few times has he retreated under the bed so that he isn’t disturbed…
And for those skeptics out there who may think my photos were staged –  I’ve asked him if he’d like to perform for the camera to show there are no hidden wires or special effects with this trick. He said “sure.”

So without any further ado – please enjoy the show:


PS: No one was harmed during the making of this video, nothing was ingested and I promise you, he never plays without human supervision.

PSS: For the record – Harley is not a descendant of the Houdini family!

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