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“Finding myself to exist in the world, I believe I shall, in some shape or other, always exist.”  Benjamin Franklin

This quote could easily be considered the perfect narrative of “Harley” and a little old “imaginary” man I call “Oliver.” For years we’ve said “Harley was a little old man who got in the wrong line up in heaven!” His antics can make you scratch your head in disbelief sometimes.

For instance….

HE CAN TELL TIME: The boys are given a special teeth cleaning treat every night around 6:00pm. If one of us doesn’t make a move towards the goodie jar which holds this “treasured delight” at the appropriate time  it becomes Harley/Oliver’s job to let you know you are “tardy for the party.” He’s subtle at first. There’s the stance with one paw going up and down on the floor like “Flicker” the counting horse (remember him?). Next is the pacing “back and forth” to the kitchen as if to say “YO – HEY YOU – OVER THERE – do you know what time it is?” If that doesn’t work, he goes for the “reach out and touch” approach. This gesture is a “paw claw” running down your leg a few times to get your undivided attention. Once you do finally acknowledge him he’ll dip his head to the side as if he’s completely frustrated with your lack of participation in this little exercise and give you a look as if he wants to say: “if I stare back at you, perhaps you’ll remember what time it is.”

“Harley” has always enjoyed television, and I know that many dogs do. Not that they watch it in the same manner as humans, it’s the movement of the objects, color changes on the screen, and the sounds that hold their interest. Although I could have sworn he covered his eyes with his paw once during a “love scene” … (just kidding!)

But I believe “Oliver” was a real TV fanatic, and that’s why Harley can’t help himself…

Whenever we go into a room to watch a movie, the new game around our house is “musical chairs”. We all have to jockey for a seat. If it’s just my husband and I, we will retire to the sunroom off from the master bedroom where we have two of the most comfortable rocking recliners. But there are only TWO. Should Harley/Oliver decide to join us, one of us are in his way – which means one of us has to go!

He’ll start the paw clawing thing, and if that doesn’t work, he will position his front paws on your leg, fake like he wants to smother you with affection, invite you to play, while trying to lure you away from the chair. If that doesn’t get you up, he pulls out the secret weapon he knows will do the trick: He moves towards the hallway as if he has to use the bathroom, you of course, jump up abandoning your chair and start your descent down the stairs, and the next thing you know, he’s doubled back, scooted through your legs and does a extended body leap into your chair! I’m not kidding!

And as the rocker continues to “rock” ever so gently to a stop, he cuddles up in the chair, gets comfortable and looks at you as if to say: “could someone please press play on the remote – I’m ready now.”

Tuesday was my husbands birthday, and the kids came over for what we themed a “pajama wearing birthday movie night.” Perfect concept for a weeknight, and we all had a blast. Lee loves movies, birthdays, and his family – so it was a great idea!

We made our plates, retired to the basement, decided on a movie, and when we all got cozy, here comes Harley/Oliver. There were no more seats – so there would have to be a living sacrifice….

I won’t call any names, but if you study the picture below you will see who got his seat on the couch and who got the floor. This scene depicts how we spent “most” of the evening. I’m just grateful the “birthday man” got to keep his seat.

Thanks for reading, I’ll write again soon.

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  • Alessandra
    April 13, 2012

    Dear Cathy, I want to say thanks for sharing your stories with these adorable and handsome Goldendoodles that own you and that have obviously done such a pawsome job at training you, your husband and family in the ways of the Doodles… Yes, you may infer from this crazy talk that I am owned by a Goldendoodle as well. His name is Pedro, he is 4 years old and has a beautiful personality and has been such a source of joy, laughter and cuddles since he brought us into his life. I keep his blog on Goldendoodles.com Community (http://goldendoodles-labradoodles.ning.com/) but I just came across your Harleo’s Blog and I’m enjoying immensely. Keep up the good work and thanks again for sharing! All the best and as Pedro “says”, loving paws,

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