Doodle Day was finally here! HURRAH! I decided to go “low-maintenance” with human snacks. A case of something cold and wet, chips to munch on, ice from the store and we were OFF to Olde Towne Pet Resort.

 When we first arrived, “Groomer Guru” Fernando, grabbed the two “hosts” and took them back to grooming to get “spruced up” before their guests arrived.

























“Fozzy” was the first to arrive with his pet-dad and two legged sister. He sat well for his photo shoot…





























even with a back-drop change!

































“Katy” – our camp counselor for the afternoon – was terrific! She’s a favorite with the boys.  She’s modeling these great “goodie bags” compliments of UNLEASHED BY PETCO






























“Myles” is quite the character – a “long haired doodle”, with personality PLUS! He came with his mom, and two sisters, Madison is sitting with him.
























Britni, his older sister, gets a very special “thank you” from the boys. Britni created the UNLEASHED BY PETCO “goodie bags” as a surprise for the guests. Thank you PETCO for your “doodle” generosity.

”Polo” also joined us for the day, the second black doodle to grace the premises.



























With a little more than half a dozen doods in the room, it looked more like two dozen. Movement was EVERYWHERE!











At one point, I took count, and came up one doodle short, – turned out Leo took himself to a corner for a little “R&R”




















“Toby”, a “jet-fueled” one year old, had more “get-up a go” than I’ve EVER seen! He was absolutely adorable.


















AND could catch a ball mid-air – EVERYTIME! 

(check out his video below)


Harley fell in love –AGAIN– this time with Madison















They talked for hours!













This next picture is not what you think – Leo is NOT looking at himself in the mirror. He is waiting for me to return with his brother. You see, I took Harley to the photographer for his “paparazzi moment”, poor Leo stood watch at the door until we returned – not a good host, I know…











Myles found a toy and decided he would rather guard it vs. play














“Simba” loved the couch and his “mom” so he was content to hang out there from time to time











Doodles come in all different sizes, colors, and textures, but “Berrie & Toby” are so similar it looked like they were trying to find out if they knew one another. Can’t you hear the conversation? “So, you say you’ve never been on the east side of town?”






Fernando provided valuable information about grooming our doodles. He discussed the myths and shared some truths behind washing, drying, cutting and styling. He looked “groovy” in his “Groovy Goldendoodle” shirt too!







Doggie treats were also disbursed, complete with “relaxation cookies” for later at home – mine passed out on their own so I didn’t use them yet!






And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…. A family was born! HUH? you ask. Well read on, for this is ALL TRUE:














and Polo…







…never met before, and today they found out they are BROTHERS. I’m talking “brothers with the same mother” brothers!







Needless to say, it was a great day, everyone enjoyed themselves and the doods played the entire time. We voted and declared the month of May the official month to hold “Doodle Day” and so we will get together again then. The boys left feeling pretty good about their first soiree…











Thank you so much Olde Towne Pet Resort for your support and as always, your “stellar” customer satisfaction philosophy. I heard a guest standing at the front desk say they wished they were treated this well when they stayed away from home! Dixie your staff at the Springfield location should be commended!

Thank you Makya of Mareta Creations for spending the afternoon with the boys and their friends. For those “doods” who posed for photos – you will receive an email in a few days instructing you on how to view your proofs. I have no doubt they will be absolutely breath taking….

And last but not least, thanks to all the doodles that came out to play, I hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

Thanks for reading…

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  • tiffany
    May 21, 2012

    I’m so glad the day was a huge success and Harley and Leo were the perfect hosts. I had no idea so many doodles came in so any different textures or colors.
    Only question – what was in the relaxation treats? Homemade?

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