Planning a girls weekend and no doodles allowed is not easy, however this one turned out to be a success after all.

Harley hates to see me leave with an overnight bag. He makes it very difficult.

How would you like to pack up for a “get-away” weekend and have to see this every time you put something in the car?…


Inside he’s screaming: “MOMMY DON’T GO”

That’s what I’m usually faced with and it breaks my heart.

This time I couldn’t go through the sad puppy face, so I took them to doggie day camp first, then returned home to load up the car!

Hey, “a doodle mom’s got to do what a doodle mom’s got to do!”

I knew DH had some things already scheduled and so as the door closed behind me, I hollered out (once again) “whatever you do – please take pictures.” Well “once again”, the photo selections were pretty slim, but I did see a few.

Friday night DH participated in our church’s “Chili Cook-Off.”

Guess who WON the cook-off?…


I will never hear the end of this victory – EVER!

Feeling victorious, he loaded The Boys up in the car Saturday morning and drove about 82 miles to our college Alma Marta for a football game. Apparently “centuries ago” when he played for the school team, they won their division championship. This year those who are still around were honoured during halftime.

Being the Doodle Dad that he is, he thought “how cool – I’ll let Harley & Leo run out on the field to the 50 yard line with me and the team like mascots. Leo can carry “Wilson” and the crowd will go wild. I’ll get someone to take pictures and Cathy’ll be happy.” 

Now, I give him an “A” for such a creative plan, however, it all went south when the security guards told him, “Sir, no dogs allowed inside the field area.”

But he did pawmise to bring me back a picture of them on campus, so here they are in front of one of the University signs…


The Boys – at Virginia Union University

They hung out all day long, and according to the stories I heard later, The Boys were a big hit with all our college furrends!

Meanwhile, my girlfriends weekend was truly the B.O.M.B. 

We always have so much fun when we are together…


This sums up our 40+ years of friendship

This years theme (yes there’s always a theme) was titled “Reservations for 8” It was a jammed packed itinerary of prearranged events from Friday till Sunday!

Our very own “Sex in the City” glamour photo shoot in the historical section of town…


Clowning around – being “ourselves”...

girls 3

Yes, people wondered who were were when they walked by

An evening tour of our nations Capital…


The Washington Monument and WWII Memorial – “breath taking” at night

Sunday afternoon the ladies stopped by the house (looking for chili) before heading back to their respected cities and of course both Harley & Leo made sure they were not ignored.

When Leo realized the love seat would only hold two…


Poor Wilma is getting CRUSHED

He relented and sat in the other chair to spend time with his new anipal Wilma…

photo-507 copy

It’s Monday, and I’m really happy to be home. I’ve got a heart full of memories to keep me smiling for another 52 weeks…

girls 2

I am blessed with these friendships

But for the rest of today I’m playing, hanging, and laying around – taking “selfies” with my Boys…


As always, thanks so much for reading, and I pawmise to keep writing…

  • Tiffany
    October 1, 2013

    Great blog!

    • Cathy Bennett
      October 1, 2013

      Thank you Tiffany!

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