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Just when I thought I was on to something, I find out I was wrong or perhaps, not quite ready!

Remember when I boasted (yes I did!) in a blog post titled: GRADUATION NIGHT FOR THE THREE OF US (Oct 25,12). I made fun of myself and the night-time rituals that take place every evening before we all settle in for the evening.

I’m here to confess that our “over-night freedom” was short lived indeed!

As “Paul Harvey” would so eloquently say: “And now for the rest of the story…”

It was probably night number four or five of our new routine (we never made it the entire week). When DH (doodle husband) and I retired for the evening, the boys were now free to remain in the hallway or anywhere else for that matter.
Once all the lights were out and the house alarm was activated, they would eventually “sashay” one after the other, into our bedroom and onto their beds. Boy was I proud of myself…

…until the morning came.

The first night we slept with the bedroom door open – I couldn’t sleep. With the slightest movement, my eyes popped open – wide like saucers. But after three days, I “mustered up” some confidence (that was probably my first mistake), and not only started sleeping through the night, I even had a dream one night!

For four years, if Harley has to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, he will “claw” the edge of my side of the bed until he successfully wakes me up and has my attention. For two years Leo paces back and forth by my side of the bed until I sit up and and look at him. Silly me, I thought our system would still work even with the door open.
So back to morning number four…

I woke up, just like the three mornings before, both boys were in their beds like little angels….

I said “good morning” and continued with our routine, rubbing bellies as they stretched and rolled around with their tails just a wagging. Once I changed into what I’ve dubbed my “diva – doodle walking fashion attire”NOT! We started our descend down the stairs.

OMD (oh my doodle) – before I could reach the bottom step, I thought I would either choke, pass out, throw up, or all three! The stench was horrific. I slapped my hand over my mouth and nose so fast and so hard my lip throbbed later that day as if I’d been sucker punched.

I had a great deal of difficulty with the concept of walking down the hallway into the family / kitchen area. My mind didn’t want to tell my feet what to do, because my eyes didn’t want to see what was waiting for me “around the bend.”

Apparently, “someone” had to potty – BADLY – and either tried to wake me, or thought they could come downstairs and open the back door themselves, but they failed on both counts.

I stood there and stared out the window for what seemed an eternity watching my morning plans fly away. I regrouped and needless to say, “got busy.” Another shout out for Mr. Bissell – Spotbot!

Call me a coward should you choose, but we are all back on “lock-down” at night again. Could be like this forever, I just don’t know, but what I do know is this – I will not attempt this trick again anytime soon.

In case you’re wondering who the “gift giver” was, I never did figure it out. There were no visible signs, no indicators as to which “dood” was the culprit. They both gave me that sheepish look, sort of like Jaleel White’s character from the TV sitcom Family Matters, Steve Urkel. Remember when he would ask “did I do that?”

I have my suspicions though…
So for the rest of the day, we moved about like a “trio.” There were no other accidents, no one got a treat, and there have been no more discussions or debates on door open vs. door closed…
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