I told my DH the other day that he is developing a following! I get so tickled whenever I blog about him and the boys, other DH (doodle husbands) playfully respond referencing that particular post in his defense. Doodle husbands are uniting!

If you read OUR INAUGURAL WEEKEND blog post, you’ve got to remember that although “Doodle Dad” had a outstanding afternoon, he failed to take pictures of all the wonderful moments which occurred on his Washington DC excursion with the boys…

After DH read the post entry, he came to me and proudly said even though he wasn’t able to take any pictures, there was one lady that got some “great shots” of the boys and said she would gladly send them to me, once she returned home. He then gives me an email address on a little piece of paper and says, “write her!”

I I took the paper – reluctantly, and later that afternoon I drafted an email. I felt a little crazy typing my intro:
“Hi, I’m the wife of the man with the two white dogs that you met on Constitution Avenue in Washington DC during the Inauguration weekend. He told me you took pictures….”  see what I mean? It sounded crazy, but I continued with my message.

I cringed when I hit the “send” icon, and then I thought – “no problem”, she’ll never respond. Well I was WRONG, there I said it! DH was right, She responded AND sent some nice pics of the boys…


Just chillin…






Enjoying their day…


I’m not sure which “lady” took and sent me the photos, DH said, he’s not sure either. But if you’re reading this, thank you so very much.

To my dear sweet DH – you’re “doodletastic!”
And to all the other Doodle Dads out there: YOU ROCK TOO!

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